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  • Im Smoking on the best
  • Atleast the best that i could find
  • Letting these dope rhymes, just flow through my mind
  • There Something like coke lines, im on cloud nine
  • Ill battle anyone, even though it's a waste of time
  • I got the best pen, pencil or any writing utensil
  • Really Taught myself never drawing upon a stencil
  • I can overcome any obstacle, shits all mental
  • Niggas just be talking, but lacking the credentials
  • You would have to die to become influential
  • I pull up spitting real shit like i got influenza
  • I stayed outside and you gotta be in by dinner
  • Ill have a rapper ducking like Wayne in a sprinter
  • All i wanna see is pain, flames and embers
  • Im from where you wear tanktops in the winter
  • Where you end up serving dope to your old mentors
  • Where you don't open doors for the rental center
  • Them 36 chambers ive already entered
  • The relationship with pops got somehow splintered
  • Surrounded by master splinters, masquerading as killas
  • This new music is nothing like back in the day nigga
  • Really these new rappers literally just hate niggas
  • Behind the keyboard, super scared in our face niggas
  • Fake niggas, who need to fucking face triggers
  • Ya mom is a black cum taster off a plate licka'
  • Your best literature is lesson in composing filler
  • Death gonna expose ya liver, while im pouring liquor
  • I really get these kids missing like mystic river
  • Im floridian but never rep the colors of Hilfiger


  • Headstones underneath them is bones
  • racist white folks take note.
  • We hide our head down when passing the
  • confederate flags because they can pull out a gun with
  • a *ock and blow our ashes soon crushed up it
  • look like snow put us in a system we call the ghetto
  • real slow the dough go and come in.
  • Spittin' music not uplifted
  • most kids in the hood talented, gifted
  • the whites get a pass the black get passed around
  • And most of us missin' or never found
  • Suicide, drown, don't hail to no crown 👑
  • Despite Bee tell you to "bow down."
  • We still slaves, the phones make us think
  • We're free. Some people are slaves in other
  • Countries. We are not, free define freedom for me.
  • Free<dom say it
  • Free<dom their defention of free is dumb.
  • Slavery shouldn't have started
  • Rasism will never end, how far our we till somethin' old end.
  • Dark marked
  • Think smart
  • Lights out after dark
  • Slap on the wrist
  • They talk....
  • Walking into the abyss
  • No Moreno none of this.

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