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  • Don't battle me. I'm pushing P like master P
  • I'm like da baby, my rap punchlines are a masterpiece
  • I see all you fuck heads have all this rep online
  • Battle me in real life we can test out gravity
  • Steal my rap lines, I'll go on a stabbin spree
  • Grammatical, kill you, I'm Nazi grammar pursuer
  • Grabbing manure, throwing it at you, and bash ya medulla
  • Till ya brain pops out, and runs away
  • I grab an axe with a sharp blade, splitting rappers cabbages for days
  • Ripping rappers like band aids, My DNA dripping on rappers mothers for days
  • Clapping hundred instrumentals a day, the beat asking for its life
  • I sit their and crap on the mic, give it to you, for you the wipe
  • And when we done don't offer for piece, no piece up for offer
  • I grip henny, sip it, chug it, and smoke a cig for my lungs then
  • eat the cigarettes, to burn myself alive
  • I'd rather commit suicide than be alive on the same earth as you
  • These bars are my own eulogy for me, so I don't hear ya shitting ass lines
  • I'm tired of life. Good bye


  • Like damn I go off of my reefer.
  • going so hard I get a slight fever.
  • put in my card I be on it like preacher.
  • like damn Im going a little bit deeper.
  • Going so hard I be breaking your speakers
  • Look at me now all y'all Nonbelievers.
  • I take every verse for what its worth.
  • don't spend hours. on my rap just burst.
  • this is my first its not rehearsed.
  • don't think its gonna quench my thirst.
  • Im gonna make a show,
  • blow it up like fireworks,
  • blow you up guess why?
  • that's how fire works.
  • Yo, talk is cheap, your words they couldn't make a Proper Verse.
  • I stay ahead of "death" why?
  • 'cause I know what works.
  • KGC

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