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  • hoardin' bars like mansions an' cars
  • flippin' tha' cheese on a white marble
  • taxes neva' gonna' catch me, i'm jus' too flashy
  • dashin' off wit' tha' mutha'load, hittin' tha' strip in a coupe
  • shottas in my ride, finishin' off dis coup d'etat
  • lyircal assassin, makin' u dance wit' nothin' on
  • cuz it's rainin' in tha' club all night long, so which side are you on?
  • wearin' my light skin an' black thong, dey think i'm trappin' 'caine
  • even tho weeds grow everywhere where i'm from
  • jus' playin' dis game like i'm muh'f*ckn donkey kong
  • smashin' u're skull wit' my banana bong, braka braka
  • scatterin' ak shells on tha' ground, guess how many bodies i gunnin down
  • an' in a pinch, gettin' real close
  • feel my breath, feel my sweat
  • pressin' zee, i pick u up an' carry u off tha' ledge
  • homicide slash suicide, still gotta extra life -- extra life --
  • feel me bein' reborn, tru demigod in tha' flesh
  • guess dat's all a gangsta gotta say, now shut tha' f*ck up
  • u gotta pay me, an' dat ain't a choice
  • b*tchz on my body like i'm tha' piƱata containin' hella dollas
  • been cuttin' dese hoes like i'm an nfl rasta'
  • hate me or love me, prayin' to tha' flyin' spaghetti monsta
  • eatin' his dick like it's pasta an' meatballs
  • don't give a sh*t, u can suck my flow
  • cuz it ain't gonna' stop, drop u again
  • one shot, blocka blocka
  • feel me in tha' middle east an' africa
  • from ethiopia to tha' hezbollah
  • mossad'i speakin' thru international wataz
  • blocka blocka
  • guess u gotta bow down, blood be thicc
  • i'ma bang like i'ma already in tha' crypt
  • spittin' straight gutta bars from tha' otha' side of tha' curtain
  • either i'm dead or i'm oz, still tryna catch a track wit' tha' czar
  • let me decide, i'm bringin' y'all tha' muh'f*ckn surprise


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  • Low Key see you stand out, Its Low Key kind of crazy I'm the man now.

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