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No cursing or swearing allowed.

Max of 18 lines


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  • Verse 1: 6kullh3ad
  • The truth can drive a man insane
  • People get in line for extra pain
  • With girls that look, to me, like they still got things to teach you
  • Having the strength to pursue
  • In a society, controlled by money and greed
  • The cold air was not to be believed
  • God is bigger than the devil
  • I saw you looking like an angel
  • I want a shallow filled pool of peace and happiness
  • Release details begin to confess
  • It is what counts, we have to live with no regret
  • Nothing is a secret


  • spin tha' bottle, who's gonna' catch tha' bouquet
  • battlin' u jus' feel like a party, can't touch 'dis
  • i'm jus' to flirty, jus' too nerdy
  • been at it for a hot minute, got ppl hella clickn
  • lyrical prowess so raw, tha' pace i be quickenin'
  • spittin' tha' illest regards, got tha' game sickenin'
  • boom-bappin' slappin' big bA$$ rhythms,
  • cuttin' percussion wit' precision, pow pow
  • catchin' murda murda by trial an' law
  • got my street records on file, tough in tha' brawl
  • instigation on lock, which side are you on?
  • lately, i been singin' 'dis song
  • b*tch so hot, i'm chillin' in her thong
  • she smokin' me like a bong, simple life
  • sharin' tha' vibes y'all, right criminal behind 'dese bars
  • leavin' competition in shards, outrunnin' u by yards
  • enjoy tha' verbal enhancement, pause an' then
  • break tha' beat-drop right ova' yo head, an' we dancin'

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