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about racism

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  • 0:28
  • honestly im pop'n, red kash is dead
  • u crying bodys dropp'n, and its all in ur head
  • we will blow ur head off, while u out going shopp'n
  • den burn ur body cuz, u aint earn no coffin
  • simpletons like u get killed and noone will change
  • dey wont know who i am cuz i dont shoot from close range
  • and im fin to pop a snitch throw him in da ditch
  • without a problem
  • going in da house put my draco in his mouth
  • den i shot him when he died we said watch out


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  • Reddkash, you be racist. You touched in the head.
  • You be saying, "Kill Jews" Bro, you better off dead.
  • It be off with your head. You'll be sitting in sweat.
  • Dirty bitch, you a dog. why don't you get a vet?
  • When I'm finished with you, you'll be up on the web.
  • And this just like the Bible, this news will be spread.
  • And if you choose to keep going, we're sending you threats.
  • We'll be roping you in. You'll get hung on a fence.
  • And you feeling my wrath is as real as it gets.
  • Your raps have no weight so there's no need to flex.
  • And if you kick and scream, I will cut off your legs.
  • And we the firing squad and your head has an "X"
  • And you go and act racist. No wonder your ex
  • Left you and your trailer. I will watch your arrest.
  • And you failed this whole world. And this is not a test.
  • And when we shoot at you, hope you wearing a vest.
  • And we know you hate Mexicans cuz you're obsessed.
  • I know how to beat you. And I don't need to guess.
  • And I'll slaughter you bitch like I slaughtered the rest.
  • Of you rappers who think that you all are the best.
  • I'll remove all your demons cuz you be possessed.
  • I ain't showing you Grace so don't feel like you blessed.
  • I know I'm not Kanye but you can just call me West.
  • Cuz I'm bringing this heat. I will put you to rest.
  • I don't know how you keep this shit all on your chest.
  • You have P T S D or you're crippled depressed.

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