Battles  maddecipher vs theliftedpro


makin' 'dese dealz, trees at tha' wheel, makin' b*tchz sqweel

Max of 64 lines


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  • ooohhhhhweeeeeee
  • 'dey ain't kno 'dese kids
  • tru ghetto vigilance
  • let's sho 'em how we du
  • i play golf, jus' not by tha' rulez
  • battin' average, way above average
  • f*ck u b*tch
  • hood gamez, we'z diligent
  • stackin' 'dese plays
  • catchin' me onna' technical
  • payin' tha' dues, click, click
  • while i'm baitin' 'dese foos'
  • wait for it, catch tha' slip-up
  • makin' u trip-up, try an' keep up
  • dashin' straight thru enemy lines
  • 'dats right, now u ketchup
  • but u way outta' time
  • b*tches bangin'
  • bangin' at my door
  • f*ck 'dis, lockin' tight
  • i'm sleepin' alone tonight
  • 'dis 'dat crime knowledge
  • slittin' throats in tha' dark alleyway
  • 'dis mob sh*t, 'dey snakin' about
  • prayin' i neva' become one
  • been dealin' wid' 'dese racists
  • an' their rape culture
  • i'm puttin' bullets up, killin' vultures
  • stompin' hataz, 'dey bodies undone
  • knockin' at my door, who is it?
  • get at me, u kno 'dis gang sh*t
  • caught me inna' lockup
  • u kno i'm tryna' boss up
  • slappin' away tha' toss up
  • i'm takin' it deep, full contact when tha' ballz up
  • tha' hood is out, steady aim
  • we takin' back 'dis game
  • no time fo' u, an' yer' two-bit brains
  • it'z blood 'dat i'm afta'
  • ice in my veins
  • retribution upon u
  • feelin' 'dem cold rains
  • flowin' along an' ancient road
  • law of tha' jungle, pantha' mode
  • workin' 'dese launch codes
  • catchin' flak an' static
  • swervin' 'dese forests an' groves
  • touchin' tha' sky
  • flyin' wid' doves thru a rainbow
  • one people, same blood
  • onna' blue planet unda' tha' sun
  • recognition so dramatic
  • tsunami, it's tha' whale in tha' pool
  • move over, make some room
  • blick, blick
  • vroom, vroom


  • Decipher, you should know the code
  • Don't smoke what you sell, now you overdosed
  • Mad decipher, talkin like you bang
  • You'd have to be on the rag if ya pad was hyper
  • Point blank, I mean period
  • Who cud take that shit serious,
  • I'm curious, how u have no license or drive,
  • But think you steerin' this like fast an furious
  • It appears as if, you act delirious
  • You wouldn't be king of the room if your tomb was stacked in pyramids
  • Wanna box with me?, better Crack ya window
  • Ya can't handle this sac of indo with your smack an thin smokes
  • I been dope longer than you been broke
  • Before ya dad met some bimbo and your kin folk
  • got test results sayin "your giving birth to this joke"
  • Then the doc ripped a baby twat out ya mom's crotch
  • Said "ta-da!" An tossed the little kumquat
  • Then ya pops ran to the top of the hospital an jumped off
  • You only here to brush my lungs off,
  • You get dusted with one cough,
  • From the second he post the fun talk this punk lost
  • I own ya section, every weapon an chump boss
  • You run blocks from cops, while I Run blocks,
  • But fuk tough talk cause this kids tongue need to be spun washed,
  • But do me foul, I put a dot on your uni-brow til your eyes become crossed
  • Naw, fuk it I'm just kiddin', you pussys are just kittens,
  • submissive with diss writtens, ass kissin', clit skimmin',
  • hit gyms an, liftin' tryin' to front like you lifted
  • but that weight not movin' an inch cuz you gripless
  • no bitches is squeelin' your name, they dismissive
  • the only place you listed, as a Jehovah's witness
  • you don't know the fitness to gain on this equipment
  • much more to the fan core when you do more than type an click shit
  • dont get mad if you cant decipher this diss

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