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64 lines if you want to battle me, bring your A game may the best man win

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  • Call it a mockery, I run with the clock and I stop on the dot so tell all the cops
  • that this bitch was found with her hand in a pot covered in gold like a mine
  • from the top, taking a break from the usual Spot, I caused doom to pop
  • and I made a new job for the new mob that came all the way from Camden
  • I slam them like hooks in these mansions, tear down the walls, tell all the
  • flaws to those with a jaw, here comes the claw, big as a battleship and
  • as massive as the classes that inhabit this century, no pronoun bitch
  • but I will speak my mind or you'll get a switch to your bitch like a fucking itch
  • No need to shoot the messenger, I come with gifts
  • Urdak was a hellhole, I'm the Icon of Sin
  • BFG up your ass for disrespect
  • I'm not leaving, and you'll all be mist
  • down the valley like the body of a crocodile fucked a massive vial of tentacles
  • black and vile and hard as new fashion styles, call the crew to string you
  • up with wires, hooks through the eyes you're tired, no need to record this
  • I'm fired up, you're on fire acting tough, I put a slug through your nuts
  • and make a sandwich with the rest of the stuff, no balls left to accomplish
  • anything, you see these teeth, they tore a hole in ships the size of Alcatraz
  • I'll leave you bleeding on the floor like Capone, you can't evade the unknow
  • I ain't the Ocean bitch, I'm a tsunami so come and get me commie
  • you're vomiting a string of 1's and 0's Binary, about to bind a bitch until
  • he screams, take flesh from the tree and smear blood on my teeth
  • cause this ain't Fallujah, it's Iraq in 03
  • I'm a storm in the Desert, you're a dessert in a prom dress
  • nonsense, spitting from the offset with the force of conquest
  • you got me good taking me by surprise but you'll be dead by sunrise
  • with two eyes i'll put a bullet in your gullet, one try and no lie
  • Someone's gonna die tonight


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  • do my beast of beats remind you of the mofo' ghetto?, my lyrics can imitate bullets from a glock, shooting rounds like i'm the don of every block, you'll only choke because i've choked you, you're only gon' die when kill you too, nevermind you're father and you're brother, I'll terrorize them until they can no longer breathe, sucking on my dick while i'm molesting my cock, making them swing like a mother fucker, going through you're family like my life
  • just complete insanity hitting harder than reality, and when i'm done fucking you're sister, I'll be aiming to dominate you're mother, cause' when i'm turned on, I'll be dominating the bitches like the number one, the don just won't be able to stop, just watch every lyric drop you like a cop, I'll mother fucking maul you, forget taking it easy I'll be aiming to slaughter, after the destruction I'll be destroying you're hoe daughter
  • now don't get me wrong, I don't normally go for no mofo' hoe, this time I'll make an acception, until the bitch sucks on this, burying them in a early grave after licking my dick, tell yo mama not to be a whimp, with my whips and chains, I'll be abusing the slut inside of a doggy cage, cause' from whitches to bitches, these educated snitches seeing me from rags to riches, , my penis in my right hand, yo daddy watching me finger fuck his hoe with my right, but don't worry homie, just tell you're sweet little honey, "THIS IS FOR FUCKING WITH THE WEST SIDE!"
  • doing a legger from the ponsey security, you don't see me making songs for little kids, putting awards and trophies on my shelf, at 11 years old i'm learning to feed myself, putting a straight jacket on me everytime i rhyme, don't label me fuckin crazy, claiming that I'm violent, refusing to keep my silence, so you slap a label on me calling me a man of violence, although I'll never remain mother fucking silent
  • I'm a thug for life high until i die, I tried to make peace with the system, but these scumbags just don't wanna listen, so they might aswell call me a lyrical cannibal, slam me inside of a prison for being a mofo' animal, lyrically molested while lying naked in you're bedroom, I couldn't give a fuck because I'll probably be dead soon, cause' mummy never loved me at an early age, so I'm causing riots on the streets, who's gon' be first victim to my 12 gauge?
  • I'm ready to unload my mofo' AK, start strip searching you into submission, fuck you're family and the incest bullshit, I just love saying exactly how it is, unloading my clip inside my gun then going on the run, after i'm done using my lyrics to rape you, I'll be running from the helicopter, as the crime sees a rise in deaths via the mofo' knife, so fuck you and fuck you're mother and you're father, this ain't no cops and robbers mother fucker
  • call me a old generational ghetto gladiator, I'm like a brutal gangster spartan, forget the corrupt game of pain, I'll erase you with my ruthless lyrical flame, so hire my masterclass rap as i set the earth on fire, don't pretend to by my homie, I'll be preparing to make a magical human spaghetti, so you better watch out, don't make an enemy out of me, I'll be waving around my machete like a mofo' G
  • with my lyrical flame thrower, I'll be melting you're ugly face like acid, sat there crying with a dick so flassid,don't try to test me mother fucker, I'll be like jack the ripper murdering a modern hoe bro, I'll be slashing while I'm watching pigs crashing, making history as I'm announced the most wanted on TV, and during the dangerous high speed chase with the law, I'll be screaming "THUG LIFE FROM WEST SIDE", relabeling me the realest mother fucker that you ever saw

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