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  • I came to body rappers, this battle I could do it backwards
  • John Madden cuz I'm quarterbacking,
  • My stats are overwhelming, sit back and enjoy the action
  • If your girl don't spread her thighs then she's giving me brains
  • In the backseat like John f Kennedy died,
  • ,
  • I'm really active in the streets I'll pop the pistol
  • Like you popped your pimples cuz I'm proactive,
  • You're not a gangster you're a good actor
  • In the alphabet on the 7th letter,
  • Anything you do I do it better,
  • I'll shoot at you and shoot whoever sent you,
  • You run when rents do, call Mom to vent to,
  • Then ask her if she has cash to lend you,
  • I was playing in the game like you was playing Nintendo,
  • I'm spraying the k at you and whoever your next to,
  • There's nothing I can't do, get it how you live
  • I didn't and then some, hold you for ransom
  • And that shit wasn't random


  • No battles must suck time to press my luck
  • Blind battle blowing you out like a candle
  • So slow gonna need an example running wit the cattle
  • You is my bitch living in a castle
  • I spit facts so I'm factual my raps are valuable
  • You are turning radical wild like an animal
  • Bitch said im humble this rap battle he is gonna fumble
  • Got him mumbling dont even know how to spit a syllable
  • Him standing its a miracle rappers like him are typical
  • Rapper from pittsburgh dissing his city must be triggered
  • You is a rapper but I am your master
  • Its a disaster these new rappers shatter
  • Teaching em call me a pastor
  • Tired of new rappers shots fired
  • He is about to be inspired

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