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  • I wake up everyday and always try to make my life better,
  • But all this pressure has me writing suicide letters,
  • I don't know how to refrain from all these drugs that I take,
  • I'm popping pills till I shake please God reveal me your face,,
  • Having dreams at night in which I levitate up onto heavens gates,
  • If it's real then take me to this better place,
  • Hazy visions cloud my mental sitting in a shrouded temple,
  • Witness all these entities that speak about the devil,,
  • They're telling me about the evils that I hold within,
  • And how some simple prayers cannot cleanse a mortals sins,
  • They're telling me I need to turn from my ways,
  • Learn from mistakes and sway from all this turbulent rage,,
  • Spread the peace and happiness from one another,
  • To your brother to mother to sister cuz death will be coming to get ya,
  • So I take this knowledge and use it to better myself,
  • Keep my head up and play the game with the hand I was dealt,,
  • I got the writing instincts of a god moving slick and ducki ng frauds,
  • Half this city's fucking narcs wake up feeling something odd,
  • Go to the spot get the sack and break the blunt apart,
  • Light it up filling up my lungs until I choke and cough,,
  • So bizarre how close friends quick to leave you hurt and scarred,
  • Drowning in the flow of thoughts as I search for Noah's Ark,
  • Gimme the mic I'll show it all leaking out the pain within,
  • Thinking bout my past love I'll never see her face again,,
  • I know my times coming fate is slowly closing in focusing,
  • Man this life's a game I'm hoping I can win,
  • Writing shit so hard that I've broken every pen,
  • I'm just tryna keep my head up slowly coping with my sins,,
  • Demons cursing my life turbulent ver ses I write,
  • Turning the earth with my might serpents that burn when they bite,
  • Dealers lurking in the street flipping birds to survive,
  • Negativity is their at every turn in my sight,,


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  • You boys need to mediate instead of fake celebrate on IG,
  • Depression make you medicate with Molly,
  • But what’s that in your IV?
  • And yeah I’m sending shots like Rocky to your body,
  • Before you overdose I rope a dope like I was Ali,
  • All of y’all talkin’ bout billies;
  • and ain’t buildin’ nothin,
  • As if it’s appealin’ or somethin’,
  • I been in the field for a million months,
  • and I’m feeling the sun, when I’m tilling the mud,
  • If I kill a rapper that’s like killin a son,
  • Pen and pad feel like penicillin;
  • To the illest villain, I’m Atilla the Hun, (wait)
  • Let me not do it like JID,
  • You thinking you fly, I do you like Sid,
  • Living beyond infinity, (get it)
  • Yeshua took all the sin in me,
  • Might not believe it but you know you feelin’ me,
  • Only ones in my vicinity, top ten on this site you gettin’ me,
  • That’s not a flex, I’m meaning that literally,
  • You couldn’t match the agility…

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