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  • Verses (Diamond_shine_2-O):
  • sometimes in life, it can get hard
  • when you living in a cell full of guards
  • watching your every move
  • which you feel like you should have just told the truth
  • your life is what you choose
  • I always keep it pushing
  • never letting my guard down
  • I have to make a name for my hometown
  • I just want to say that I made it
  • I ain't looking for no congratulations
  • Everybody wants to shake my hand
  • but won't with me standing in the stands
  • people want to disappear on me
  • but they ain't never understand
  • Verses (Twistedthingz):
  • Another time
  • Being misunderstood
  • Lookin' thuggish
  • Like I was brought up in the Hood
  • I guess that's a small price to pay
  • Whether or not the deal occurred today or yesterday
  • Everything's a blur of gray
  • With all this hate
  • I don't know if I'm still breathing
  • It's a deal
  • I'm tryna cheat and
  • I just want to be that legend
  • The one Satan couldn't make me, I gotta be independent
  • It's like I'm tossed into the dump
  • Everyone gives up
  • Gaurd's watchin' my move
  • I can't slip out
  • Even if I wanted to
  • I'm on my own, dude
  • Life's gonna continue bein' hard
  • It's like you've got a deck of cards
  • Which one you gonna pick?
  • As you think, your mind's gettin'
  • Taken over with static
  • No need to panic


  • //Spoken\\
  • George Floyd. Pinned to the ground by police officers. “I can’t breathe,” he said.
  • Though they kept him pinned down. George Floyd is a victim of police brutality
  • //Dystract verse\\
  • My past beliefs being challenged, it’s really sad to see.
  • I’m seeing my own people ending in tragedy.
  • These crooked cops covering up with false lies.
  • Until the point of it being battle, we all fight.
  • Suffered through years and years and still suffering.
  • The government keeping us under all because of our coloring.
  • Shit like this been happening for centuries.
  • But this time, it’s up in the media, fresh in memories.
  • George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbury, Breonna Taylor.
  • They kill my people, but tryna blame it on their behavior.
  • Been in a world so long ran by these dictator.
  • It got me scared to leave my house, I need a savior,
  • Cause any day, that could be me dead on the street.
  • Shot up in my own home when I’m just tryna sleep.
  • I gotta choose smart, or else my life is done.
  • One false move, my soul’s gone from a cop’s gun.
  • //Serpent verse\\
  • I can't breathe! Officer can you please get off of me? Are you trying to kill me? What is this a drill? You trying to crack my neck?
  • Are you tryna kill me because I'm black? Do you know my name? I'm George Floyd! You tryna kill a black person? Well then- Oh well if it's my time to die then ok whatever helps you sleep at night.
  • Are you biting my neck you tryna kill me aren't ya? Bruh I wish I can say I was at peace but we all know that that's a lie.
  • I guess this is goodbye. Goodbye cruel world. Goodbye friends family. Guess I'm just gonna die on this floor.
  • //Goldmarlo verse\\
  • Someone died
  • His name was George Floyd
  • He couldn't breath
  • He didn't get to live
  • It made us feel like if were depressed
  • Or as if it was our deepest regret
  • We try to find a way but accidents are made
  • We get teach lessons in order to achieve life
  • //Concept verse\\
  • When is yall gonna figure out that treating blacks wrong is disrespectful?
  • Neglecting all the colored people. Killing them. Don't you feel regretful?
  • Killing blacks is not experimental. Don't you say that this is accidental.
  • So you know, even though we been traumatized, we don't go and act vengeful.
  • Every time a black person gets killed, we go out and protest. Have you noticed?
  • Then you say "Black Lives Matter" Talkin' bullshit. You should protect.
  • All the blacks who have been treated wrong.
  • Just because you raise a fist and sing the Psalms
  • Doesn't mean you support the black people.
  • While we go to church and sing the freedom songs.

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