Battles  Skye_Heart vs PsychoPuppet-


Alright, you want a battle. You may have struck first. but i have k.o.-ed master yoda and M-A. So stop this crap. Bow to me. First draft.

Max of 64 lines


PsychoPuppet- won this battle!


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  • (Talking)
  • well i guess the fake crowd got voting. Sit down Concept. Youre done.
  • (Verse 1)
  • Another fake rapper emerges but I'm the sentinel
  • How come I'm the fake one but youre a trip of fentanyl
  • Stacking up my fans like a whopper and the I let em go
  • Lyrics so cheap bet you bought em at dollar general
  • How’d you say ur real but ur calling yourself a concept
  • That means first draft, youre the final? Now that I can’t accept
  • Splurging every line with profanity but I don’t bomb except
  • To climb out of the rubble to show you all I don’t need to flex
  • What a bunch or rapping garbage, been rapping since my conception
  • Try to beat me down, what a clown I forgot to mention
  • That ive slaughtered master Yoda and M-A so my impression
  • Is ill beat ur battle score and ill hand you ur prison sentence
  • Till a Hella old age, imma laugh at your page
  • All you do is spit rage, better put you in a cage
  • If you spit on my face, youll be kissing your grave
  • After me, master Yoda went and hid his whole face
  • Bro youre such a disgrace cuz you cannot keep pace
  • With the rapper lapping on you like a nascar race
  • Bet not even momma pays to see her baby on stage
  • I mean, me either, I ignore you any way
  • (Verse two)
  • Stepping out my silence to silence the one who hates on me
  • Genuinely curious waiting to see what haters bring
  • A,a,b, b and then a, a,
  • Rhyme schemes simple sophistication is insane
  • Step up to the base from your basement to try to poke fun
  • At me, don’t see the damage youre braging when I hit home runs
  • Oh what I see the damage! No I don’t cuz you create none
  • But try to pull my hair from my head but its in a man bun
  • Try to blast away on my name like a nazi trooper
  • Imma climb ur page with a garbage bad and a scooper
  • Fill it with the crap you call music it all some poop youre
  • A gutterball life in ditches while I'm in the uber
  • While the light has gone green my career is daunting
  • But I creep into your nightmares when youre sleeping haunting
  • Mega rappers text me, asked to vote for their team
  • But I only vote for upstarts in the real music scene
  • And tho nothing you bring’s close to inspiring
  • Imma battle you and rattle you this rapper is a feind
  • You might brag about rings, money drugs as you sing
  • But my girl give commitment more than single night flings
  • (Verse 3)
  • Do not be surprised if I'm stacking votes like the president
  • If youre the real rapper than imma set a precedent
  • I make music steady but youre a high speed accident
  • It might prove that fighting legends in battle is just a detriment
  • Screw off.
  • Alright I'm done, good riddance first draft


  • Sir, this is an open challenge

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