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  • i dont care i dont care he pulling up but do not want to square
  • we putting him in the ditch like uncle tear
  • taking him off the roof like a flair
  • we going somewhere
  • play with me die right there


  • this is basic call it anti acids
  • call yourself rtabbit but youre rabid
  • yet i pass this with half a cast list
  • that is only me, and a few friends
  • one rapper told me all friendships end
  • guess not cuz i still got them, strange
  • thought that imma have to kill it
  • like some poultry but its free range
  • lyrics mopping off the floor from my own brain
  • that ive blown up like a powder keg with
  • and ideal spark, anhd its quite a pain
  • explaining that its not you straining my face
  • a disgrace for my cheap rhyme schemes
  • a disgrace cuz i pick the wrong team
  • im the NF'er that you all hate
  • and now i go by skye cuz i am not Nate
  • and now i bought this cheap like its on rebate
  • with a fresh slate that i can relate
  • to a bunch of lyrics that he writes writing real words
  • no yappity yap yap or a face tat
  • all i do is remove all my name tags
  • then they dont know me or my work hat
  • worst that ill say on air is the word crap
  • and a bit more wont even hide that
  • gramma listens to it so she never gets mad
  • i dont need an extra expletive
  • to explain that its all lit
  • never thought theyd catch me me rapping in my own dis
  • but wait this isnt scathing?
  • yup cuz im bathing in an over rhymed mockery
  • mixed up in a bowl the some crockery
  • its called a poison for hostilities
  • so lock me up with more than just a lock and key
  • this no poisoned drink, this is like jin and ski
  • cuz you could say they spiked the punch bowl
  • i stand back and watch the rappers punches role
  • throw the bowls at you, spiked it as i had planned
  • like will smith with an open hand
  • the total pandemonium is like opium
  • in my blood its so soothing
  • with a fresh beat like its kroger
  • my dis is fresh yours is left over
  • im dropping singles like im automatic
  • a 9mm to my face would stop cuz id catch it
  • i mess with your plans within my plans before you even hatch it
  • and im unloading all my punches to my last clip
  • bullet caught
  • Eminem look at me looks like the bullets caught
  • and i speed to throw it back and now its super charged
  • you think im fazed cuz you called my type a retard
  • i discard it like a weapon when im at large
  • ill make a dis and sent it to you and theres no change
  • bullet caught

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