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  • This aint a competition my rhymes will blind you in a minute
  • I didn't come for bitchin-comfort victims? Who you kiddin
  • Yous is trippin this fight a waste of time my flames got him grillin
  • Lose the bitch shit, to the tip with, ya lines mines too bright for vision
  • Better watch where you step pussy fore i stomp on ya chest, bully
  • Fore ya run out of breath fully then I cotch on ya neck rookie
  • You're crossing thoughts with best my sword tore-bore thru attempts
  • I ain't talking the chess but he aims to form little checks,
  • Investin the money i'm betting I get it out
  • Ya legacy coming, bet, i'm setting the double down
  • Ya destiny dummy get left in the dust, please
  • The best in the running, im getting another crown
  • For i know ya flow ain't shit, I'll make ya quit it ain't hard
  • Fore ya lean-trip into a rope ya sit hopin to slip my bars
  • Rewrote ya lines cus I'm sick, I mean intelligently-mentally ill
  • He brought to life what they said will never be remedied, still
  • A shame, so coflicted its horrible, ya talking guys and hiding all of em
  • It is plausible, ya feeling locked inside the closet but— ya straight? shit..
  • It was rhetorical, it is psychological ya self hating, self depreciation
  • Ashamed to talk it so ya boarding up that degraded side of ya consciousness, relatin?
  • Sense that I'm making, death you are facing
  • Best I am slaying shave with precision
  • Lesson on extortion just making a living
  • Sent yodas force with a saber incision
  • Testing the torque on the whisk for the whippin
  • Blessing the taught with a dish within minutes
  • Chef with the fork-sauce leaving these speachless
  • Testing the horses walk got ya bitch in her breeches
  • You rap like, ya having, a fuckin, annorism
  • Ya breaking up, theres gaps, in ya rap, rhythm
  • Like lag spikes the gaps is a trap and you're in it, dead
  • Flight for your life ya splatting matter on tha pin, heads
  • I shake it up in a bag and i scratch out bad sounds stacking ya bad lyrics
  • Arrange the sum in a track and I pat down, the path now straddling the last spillin
  • Paving my way up the valley exactly where I carried out the last killin
  • They stay in their lane, the last victim sharing my bag camping out with his trapped spirit


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  • ayy
  • chasing greatness
  • your home where the hate is
  • you'll never go big; no greatness
  • stop being facist
  • you a nazi
  • ima clean up your body
  • uk drill is trash
  • u dissed me?
  • don't even think about you
  • who asked?
  • man your pfp
  • look like a halloween mask
  • not sober; put down the flask
  • stop gettin in my beef wit sinclay
  • you ain't a challenge
  • your bars not fire;they average
  • already won betta get ur casket
  • yuh stop the blast shit
  • your death finna be tragic
  • ballin up in ur face
  • man call me magic
  • stop stalin
  • this battle finna be a war
  • the bodies fallin
  • ayy
  • think you intrepid
  • invincible.
  • astronomical.
  • man you wicked
  • gotta put a fence 'round ur body;a picket
  • Ima take this opportunity to destroy you
  • quit being' rude to me
  • you blind;mouthing cluelessly
  • you pussy, watcha gon' do to me?
  • ayy
  • you a vegetable; your mouth droolin'
  • no gang; you ain't boolin'
  • you think this a joke? I'm not foolin'
  • bringing my guns, they not coolin'
  • ayy
  • gotta AK, it shoot fast
  • unlike you
  • cool your jets
  • go back to class with yo' speds
  • you obviously od'ed on your meds
  • you a poor boy; get cash
  • this lifestyle's vicious; you can't act
  • ayy
  • you don't want all this smoke; whatever you say don't effect me, my heart's cold
  • jus picked up another pair of gold
  • AF1's your career's over; it done
  • know you looking down the muzzle of my minigun
  • blast off 50 shots,eyes glazed; from the pot
  • don't know when to stop
  • at least ima make the top
  • I'm out

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