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  • I'mma slit this knife down ya throat
  • Sit down kid take notes I'm lyrically gifted
  • Take a look at my Jordan 4 mids
  • You ain't none you spend all you're saving on that catholic nun
  • You're almost broke coping witcha is the hard part
  • You're a simp for the pope
  • Even if you travel the globe to Rome and ask him out he'll say nope
  • I have a life you think that the pope is the daddy
  • Nope in reality, gravity's holding him back
  • As is my hate he's f***ing over age drop the bible
  • Stop reading the page go on your laptop
  • That pale skinned man may as well be nailed in a coffin lacking a tan
  • He's already as old as dirt he's already coughin' it up
  • Its absurd your believe in him and say A Men every night
  • In spite of this white mans not alright state
  • You will learn some s*** you should know this, you grew up in hood
  • You'd really benefit from learning that the man ain't fit
  • Drop his bull s*** he's full of it I just wrote a diss track against him


  • battle rappin' for tha' win
  • got an infinite scope
  • eternal life, we rollin' this dope
  • wavy in tha' crowd, puttin' up smoke
  • who's rich, who's famous?
  • makes no difference
  • gangsta' in tha' shadows, ballin' straight up
  • international travel, bitches galore
  • messenger from tha' gods, we in tha' pantheon
  • quick with tha' word, and tha' fastest feet in tha' game
  • shoes got wings, bossin'
  • flossin'
  • tossin' tha' salad
  • mindful of the facts, ready to break into ballad
  • kingpin in tha' religious ring, breakin' neaks
  • cuz i'm tha' best is in tha' west
  • lookin' east to tha' buddha

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