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Diss. Best rap overall wins. Whoever wins is the "Real Rapper"

Max of 32 lines


C0NCEPT won this battle!


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Battle on May 19 2022


  • You messed up. Ain't no way you gonna beat this master.
  • Say I ain't "Real"? How ironic. This a complete disaster.
  • Cuz I'm gonna clean you up bitch. Imma sweep this bastard.
  • Before you even start to rap, the whole crowd dips and screams with laughter.
  • You just be crazy. Loco broke hoe.
  • Gay little nigga tryna throat that bros' chode.
  • My raps are no joke. Ice cold like snow cones.
  • Can't touch me I will go pro. Ghost Mode.
  • Haven't read this a minute.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe on my wrists. I'm a sinner.
  • Talking behind my back in a whisper.
  • Gonna go and go drown in some liquor.
  • When I die, my whole grave is a river.
  • Fish will come and they gon' eat me for dinner.
  • Tunnel vision but I see the whole picture.
  • They say they killas. Well pull on the trigger.
  • I might get canceled so I ain't goin' on Twitter.
  • Slurpin' Patron. Like some mail, I deliver.
  • All my life, they just say that I'm bitter.
  • And I'm sinister. Man, ask my sister.
  • Compare the virus to this beat. I'm sicker.
  • Give me props or cancel me. Just consider.
  • I'm the boot legging freak. Like I'm Long John Silver.
  • Picking rhymes like this a game. I'm the winner.
  • Wanna seem better than me? Go figure.
  • Slaughtered this beat. Go and gone no killer.
  • When I rap I run my mouth. No filter.
  • When I do something, I do it. I'm no quitter.
  • You voted against me biased.
  • Ain't "Real" rappers do that so don't say in the slightest
  • That you be one. Guess you ain't be the brightest
  • Cuz I'm killing you. I'm David, your Goliath.


  • i was called a fake rapper. so imma let yall figure out hes the fake one
  • look up every song i have ever posted. Tell me i am a basic, fake
  • trash rapper rapping only on money drugs women sex or
  • killing people literally.
  • you wont find jack squat. I dont even curse so i dont blend it even more.
  • now look at concepts crap he calls music.
  • honestly tell me im the fake one.

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