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  • ya this is no game if is i will stille your mom an she ant com
  • Your dad name is tom
  • you can call me ronrock cuz i rock your mom i ant no sock like you dad is
  • o dot be sad kid he ant did i got your grill i got you mom she ant rill
  • justb go cuz your slow bro you need some millk from mom
  • an look billk my cli[s ar fill my dripp make all yaa slip so lut it be rip
  • i can kill i can rap but i can cap like you do so back up
  • you suck up if so bad thin wy did you com your but o right i made you
  • i will in you like i aways do
  • i call you boooo woow she snuck you is a brat


  • o

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