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40 lines max No theme, just be creative, come up with some crazy shit Vote fairly No disses (light humor is ok, but no F bombs etc) No blind

Max of 40 lines


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  • How do you know your mom is a bad crook
  • just look at your sis, you'll see that she's shook
  • Yeah, I jacked the line from 8 mile
  • My style whiter than Vanilla Ice after the fire
  • But no Ice Ice baby will fool me
  • you fell off like Kanye and Hippe to ki yay
  • this motherfucker going under to jab you in thigh gay
  • maybe a hard day, call me a rocket, I'm in space
  • Bound to hit your face, like the gingerbread laced
  • with the cake hides a snake but it's fake so
  • everybody dance to the snare woah
  • we're heading down to wonderland show
  • Mad hatter with a mad mind
  • Damned filler but i've had mine
  • You're a loony if you smoke wine
  • And drink weed cause the opposite means
  • you're crazy, like Jay Z and Shady when they went
  • Renegade, it was amazing
  • Maybe I should write more about the day G
  • But for now i'll be like the beat, dead at 4:56
  • home with a coke and bowl full of Trix, with the application of weed laced hits
  • Silly Rabbit, you know you can't handle this
  • I'm a rapping machine dealing lightning to kids
  • And even rakim had to pause for a bit While i stroll down the road
  • like Sonic on slow, here we go but the way this'll end is with you
  • with the bends, me in the top ten, want to to test me friend?
  • I said testy trend, like pogs but it's on again, off and then, we're the outcome
  • of every other motherfucker wanting to be something but he can't be so he
  • runs off into the aether but it's better for the weather that he's turned into a sweater
  • send the ashes to mark the one who died, don't remember,
  • sorry I'm fucking high, off my meds and in the sky, where's the line
  • Oh and get me some fries and a coke cause this munchy fever is a punching
  • a hole in my head and it's evil, deeds are like that dude knieval
  • who jumped over the gorge but landed on his *BLEEP* hole
  • never leave home without a napkin and some clothes
  • cause hoes know the hose is going for broke if it's cold
  • you'll never be known other than he who has blown and 13 seconds the most
  • Virgin for life, that's how it goes


  • Chill as fuck but I'm bored n' such,
  • devil's in the details whenever it's touched,
  • bring up the whole picture n' you'd get brushed,
  • aside like painting a masterpiece w/o love,
  • that's do-odle or die,
  • breaking the cylc-ing with movements to ride,
  • won't getaway like a heist with shooters inside,
  • I know that you think Student's a slide,
  • easy to manuever but that's a lie-down cause y'all fell for the tide,
  • airing ya dirty laundry n' stopping the vibe,
  • fuck these Simps,
  • I'm computing ya life,
  • abusing ya wives,
  • tough guy shit, doing this right,
  • wrong option to try,
  • to pass, cleaner than White while I'm weilding Gandalf's Staff ight?....2022
  • I'm not gonna Lie...You gotta bitta SWAG..
  • You ain't gettin' HIGH no porno magz..
  • You should jus' Abort yo trash'..I don't even gotta War Path..
  • You wanna know why?..
  • Cuz my friends ain't too intense they jus' Support My Class..
  • They call you Student?..Nobody wanna hear whatchu be Doin'..
  • You don't deserve Improvements..We don't care if you losin'..
  • You ain't smooth you be snoozin'..
  • How can you be in the Desert making Records?..Ayo'...
  • You soft like Feathers..You be sending Letters to Bill Collecters..
  • Your Skills Abomination like Consentration..
  • You drivin' without a Licence you jus got murked Complication.
  • Sleep Desperation! ha.

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