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  • yea 14 poping out with the drip
  • rap so hard out here takin trips
  • Rih Rih girl rockstar with the bag
  • people said I should be in a track
  • they way I drip I don't really need a mask
  • I moon walk like mj bad
  • like lil wayne with no chain I don't need fortuine or fame
  • I do tha work like major payne
  • even if the rain do fall down u see my drip bling wit no stain
  • got one show but that ain't enought
  • I'm in a rap game let's keep a buck
  • they say I'm like lay lay girl
  • I'm popping out I am that girl I really ate ate all my plate
  • Rih Rih girl don't compare me to no one else
  • yea I'm the sikest even tho I'm winning
  • that Rih Rih girl a super star
  • My bars be going hard
  • now it's not safe for you
  • dripping and getting finish get rich x2


  • yo you are slow I am so fast I make the cash like a flash I dash money flying through the air that is why you cant comeprehend my rap

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