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Max of 64 lines


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  • Puppet, In a ruckus, All that glitter ain't gold,
  • Cluster, Made of bullets, I'm shook that the puppet ain't fold,
  • Turn you to a vegtable, This lettuce in the freezer, you'll be left cold
  • These stories untold, But puppet around 35 dissing a kid, Dude stop rapping, UR MAD OLD!
  • I saw you lurking my profile, Get off my dick
  • Dont you know i'm known to get so wild, 'Nd murder your clique
  • I'll hurt them with clips, Insert some words to kill a nerd 'nd then dip
  • The tec blow fire and purge trough this kid,
  • Puppets delivery is driven by strings in a hand with poor motivation
  • My flow is something like puppet, I'm talking the software, it comes out in automation
  • I'll forever hate Puppet, escaped his tricks 'n' have since awaken
  • I'll sever his cervical 'n' separate his chemicals like distillation,
  • Think twice 'fore trespassing a rapping assasinator
  • They gon' catch you laying with your head and neck separated
  • Bullet impact make you fly you gon feel like your levitated,
  • Errybody talking bout the puppet you just a show the marrionette got you Exaggerated
  • Your polish is tarnished, my cartridge demolishes garbage
  • A foreigner but i'm still one of the hardest,
  • I'm chinese, I will eat on a pup, This finna be a carnage,
  • You aint here to play you just commentate like Roone Arledge
  • Your lyrics AND existence will be both forgotten
  • The flows that I'm rocking even leave Moses unconscious
  • Your skull, I'll break it, call that shapeshift
  • Your raps is less dense than a bag of Lays chips
  • Every shot you try to take grazes me disgracefully
  • Make you bleed painfully, no band aid gonna save the seeps
  • Punchlines, make 'em break your teeth
  • Keep on talking shit? That's where the razor meets
  • You think you murdered me? Your brain deceived
  • It's suffering from a bunch of malfunctions like an aged PC
  • Who let you pick up the pen and told you it was a great idea?
  • It's like you graduated with a fake degree


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  • So I hear y’all like bars? Then come with a drink and sip every time he mentions puppets and strings
  • And somethin that seems kinda weirdly sexual, that’s the only way he thinks he fuckin with me
  • It’s a game of Tetris when you face the legend, think I’m playin then his box get dropped
  • Get choked out before you even start rappin, they gonna have to find Pap a doc
  • Suited for business I’m goin to town, it’s ya head underwater if I’m holdin it down
  • Word to ya profile pic, it’s pretty black and white you get smoked in this round
  • Only talkin shit again now that you battle Puppet, stick it to em with a body like acupuncture
  • Just cause ya name’s a palindrome ain’t mean you gotta get back to frontin
  • My delivery take Pap from under a sheet to put in a box I bubble wrap em
  • You ain’t earned my respect, paternity test, soon as Pap spit you can see the substance lackin
  • Think acne cream when he battles me, a Pap just ain’t savin face
  • Never sellin ya instrumentals but you bout to get beat when I make ya pay
  • My guillotine can freestyle, it executes perfect off the top of the head
  • Y’all think lines fall flat in his verses? Wait till he on the hospital bed
  • This a clean sweep and you can eat my dust, ya mama chokin on it when she get fucked
  • Sound like when you speakin Dutch
  • Let’s see if that accent stronger than this big ol axe sent straight through ya house
  • I may be Pup and you may be Pap but what’s in a name when I’m takin U out
  • This try hard got light bars on some Kylo Ren shit, you just wasted a 1:30, APOLOGIZE!
  • Cause Psycho pennin cold as cryogenics, still a body before they stop the time

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