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  • Might spazz out, body down, this fucker will have a blackout,
  • don't call my phone dimwit cause we never gonna hangout,
  • this choppa will cook a nigga shit up,
  • choke ya neck until the blood come up,
  • the next victim I kill him with rhythm, he dance like Jackson,
  • so when I shoot, perform a dance skit, Micheal Blackson,
  • but fuck it lemme cut off your feet anyway, Kunta Kinte,
  • then have you hanging on a tree, who said you couldn't die?
  • keep my name out your mouth, don't bite the name that feeds you,
  • like drake said "this aint fame this is clout", who said I need you?
  • your heart is out of beats, no wonder they don't give you beats,
  • you're offbeat, your emotional heart aint felt on the beat,
  • I'm sicker than covid, kill yourself and die bitch,
  • finger fuck your bitch then bust with my 9 inch,
  • swear to god I'm in it she squirting and shit,
  • been training yo bitch like Ash, squirtle and shit,
  • I'm crazier than Manson I'm murdering this,


  • I always draw first blood, I'm talkin Rambo shit/
  • Just a gangster ass thug, I'm on that Brando trip/
  • I'm always bringin the heat, I got that Flambeau torch/
  • I'll whoop your ass in the street, it's like a Lambo to Ford/
  • You always talk a big game, you're like a Madden pitch/
  • Tryin to make yourself a name, that's an Alladin wish/
  • You're world is like The Beatles, you Imagine it/
  • Like David Blaine you try to fool people, magic tricks.

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