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Written Rap only, No Recording 64 lines, Can use instrumental Just get in ya bag and spazz tf out

Max of 64 lines


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  • Uh
  • The great debate, of “ who’s the best in the game ? “
  • Let’s take it to the NBA hardwood courts
  • I got the coldest and hardest flow, like the NBA hardwood floors
  • I’m the greatest to ever spit on a microphone
  • Rappers makin’ claims, tryin’ me…playin’ games,
  • Takin’ they… asses to the court for sayin’ they…
  • better, 1 on 1 for every one of em who I got iso on
  • We ballin like playin’ a game of 21,
  • I 21-0 all of them as they get beat and skunked
  • Damn, I guess that they all really stink and suck
  • and every single shot that I took, sink and sunk
  • This rapper just like Mike…on a mic,
  • or…on the mic, I rap like Mike…
  • Jordan, no Lil Bow Wow, i’m Mike scorin’…
  • in the 4th and, i’m like Ike with my Mike
  • No fruity candy, I beat them like I’m Ike
  • It has always been my turn, uh…
  • ever since I was a young rap teen, uh…
  • always stay with the same team, yuh…
  • even if we swap out jerseys, still don’t mean…we ever team up
  • Sorry to all rappers including Nas, but there is only “ one mic “
  • Yo…all I need is one mic, and all we need is one Mike
  • All the game needs is just only one Mike…
  • Jordan, Jackson…even after I retire or before I comeback from
  • Swear , when I returned…to me it feels like a new change
  • I was spittin’ yo…even with the illest cold sickened flow,
  • and performed just like MJ’s flu game
  • Wearin’ black and red Retro 12’s when I rapped,
  • now I got on the white Nikes with the blue swoosh
  • My kicks fly like they hang from a power-line,
  • but fresh like some brand new shoes
  • If Hip Hop was a ball sport then…
  • I guess i’d be or it would make me Jordan,
  • and anyone would wanna start me
  • headline titled “ The Rap Game, “
  • and I’m the only one who it’s starring…no one can’t guard me
  • You know i’ma gonna defend it, so don’t go and get all defensive
  • Sorry to everyone I have offended,
  • I like to make and take everything offensive
  • It’s all the way up in the air, y’all know I am thee force
  • I’m shootin’ shots, got you hoppin’ up like Jumpman jumpin’…
  • then I leave the studio booth like I leave the court,
  • as I drop the mic down hard like I just slam dunk’d it,
  • after I go pea-nuts…out this world, as you taste man
  • Smooth like butter if I jelly-roll it,
  • or you get hit with the Space Jam
  • I kill and murder y’all trash talkin’ sassin’ asses,
  • why they call me an assassin
  • To be continued…ay, this is “ The Last Dance “


  • Cuz you're trespassing a beast in his habitat
  • Get blasted with heat from these pen attacks
  • Your raps trash and it seems like you can't progress
  • Your bad habit? Defeat bitch, and that's a fact
  • The last laugh is for me, you can't laugh at that
  • I slash necks, you gon' leave with no head attached
  • A black dress your mom needs 'fore you rest in sand
  • The backlash you receive is for rapping wack
  • I'm that dense with the schemes you can't get with that
  • Your best craft is the weakest I ever had
  • I pack bags for the weak, you're my baggage next
  • This sad wreck is a fiend for attention
  • Wish your dad kept his seeds 'cause he bred a disease
  • Mentally lacking speed, you're a breed with a handicap
  • Your mad sensitive, you should leave from this gangster act
  • I produce more bars than Willie Wonka,
  • Been doin' this shit while you was playin' with Tonkas,
  • Bringin' more beef than a chimichanga,
  • Got 'em sweating like Jane Fonda trapped in a sauna,
  • I'll bogart this joint like Casablanca,
  • Grind down this corny fucker like I'm makin' masa,
  • I got more layers than your mom's lasagna,
  • Got this bitch spinnin' on his heels like he do the Samba,
  • I'm back to extract all the crap that I hold in,
  • Strapped to attack 'til they all just fold in,
  • Bringing out my demons reconnecting like we're old friends,
  • Line up my enemy and greet 'em with a closed fist,
  • gotcha twitching like a crackhead goin' through a dope fit,
  • Goin' at ya with viciousness that leaves ya hopeless,
  • A different kind of monster that you'd never had to cope with,
  • Pap's back, you wanna test my pen?
  • The door is open.

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