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  • Yeahz ain't gonna be the victor in this tourney
  • Firstly, before I was even notified of the opponents I'd be burning
  • I was assisting this rat faced fuck with some angles to use against me!
  • I know what you need/Una
  • Bomber blowin' the first fucking round, shoulda been stickin' to his own devices like Ted Kaczynski
  • Feelin' Frisky? I got this pussy changing shape like I was in bed with Mystique
  • Now listen...Yeahz was rubbed the wrong way like a Pedo strapped scotch duct tape, there ain't no way to console you
  • Yeahz posted around, explorin' some kid's "area" like he was pullin' patrol moves
  • We ain't fibers from the same cloth, remove this bitch from the box just to iron em out n' fold you
  • That's the secondary way Yeahz became heated n' pressed
  • Airing out this nimrods dirty laundry, hangin' em' out to dry, careful not to re-stain this mess
  • Fuck it, I digress! Music to my ears, Yeahz screamin' n' beggin', that's a beatin' I produced
  • Sweepin' around, cuttin' out that nasty tone like an EQ leavin' the bitch with his voice reduced
  • Still this faggot avoids the truth, peep this shit right now... (Play yeahz audio)
  • Sheesh, soundin' like somethin' that'd be discovered with 6 plays, actin' like another dogshit "rapper" thinking he'd make it big, wow...
  • Appalling... Now clouded with strong delusions, can't even imagine a sliver of chance for this title to be viewed by any kind of crowd
  • "Polarboiyeahz, the next #1 rapper out and about"
  • Dawg, bein' so cagey, we been known this eunuch ain't ballin', after vettin' this bitch, I'ma make sure to toss this lost pup to the pound
  • Yeahz boastin' bout his "tons" of supporters when not one of em' ever reciprocated some real love
  • Dude barely survives off of Instagram likes and RapPad "fame" for superficial validation to help him feel tough
  • So let this sink in as some friendly advice, don't pretend to be what you aren't, just keep sticking to ya true self
  • Even if givin' up on hip-hop seems to be the answer, but hey, at least you tried, sometimes in life it's best to sit back and do less..
  • ***annotations that didn't work***
  • Unabomber Scheme


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  • Kazz, the Tech N9ne clone, that's too strange for Strange Music
  • Racial slurs, it's ASI9INE though! didn't you know that hate loses?
  • You're fond of KKK truces, so many slurs in your mental that your brain oozes
  • Swastikas in your school journal, told the teacher "it's a game, stupid!"
  • Notdead, the first rapper to make a Ku Klux King cling onto his bedsheets
  • I'm the boogey man, it's freddy krueger in your wet dreams
  • Your name resembles that of a school shooter, make little Ethan eat a bullet
  • The game is mine, I'm the bully that hid your bag so, you wouldn't pull it
  • My bars, spitball against your soft Burkhead, so go ahead, you'll burn dead
  • Hop on this mic and all, no instrumental, men know that I'm keen 2 murk shit
  • Pristine and perfect, you look like whatever Mr. Clean birthed it's
  • The all white shirt, church priest, touching the children tellin'em that it's church service
  • Your lyrics about rape and more, after this I'd release the tape to BestGore
  • You live in Atlanta, known for STDs and the below average test score
  • You won't get signed by Tech so why you still waste breath for?
  • Your favorite rappers draped in clothes that look like they came from a sex store
  • DrNova's under your skin so don't act like you're untouchable
  • Eminem AI flow better than you while u put us to sleep like a Huxtable
  • Sleep on the rug while your momma shoots up, Your dinner is off-brand Lunchables
  • You're the only artist with rapist tendencies you'd act on in a brush stroke
  • I'll lay you: Rugged Man with my Tech in a Crypt as a Token of my appreciation
  • The smell your musty body emitted was that of Heated bacon with no ventilation

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