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Best Depressing Fulfillment Song

Max of 30 lines


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  • My brothers went to war
  • Now theyve died
  • Wish that coulda been lied
  • Everybody looks at me with great expectations
  • How can I last do that with the last generation
  • I am the last for this nation
  • No one can do what I have to do
  • I have a family legacy to fill
  • My own dreams to kill
  • Always wanted to do my own thing
  • Wish I coulda grow some wing
  • Go fly away
  • Disappear from existence
  • Come back one day
  • As a new person
  • But it only seems to worsens
  • Just wanna live wild and free
  • Just wanna jump in the sea
  • Never come back
  • These expectations are messing with my head
  • Make me wanna be already dead
  • Gotta fulfill the prophecy
  • Gotta keep the family legacy
  • When my brothers died
  • Never instructions
  • Just a legacy to protect
  • Many mistakes to correct


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  • Please forgive me, I am pregnant,
  • I am drinking, I can manage, oooh,
  • you just hate me, I have panics,
  • I keep drinking, baby damaged, oooh,
  • Take this demon out my body,
  • I am evil I should hang me, oooh
  • //Outro
  • I keep drinking, baby damaged,
  • take this demon out my body,
  • I am evil I should hang me,

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