Battles  YoungJosh vs Violet_


No rules!

Max of 30 lines


Violet_ won this battle!


  • Violet or Vixlet you changed ur name with just an o?
  • With the new fracture maybe piglet was just a swallow?
  • Killin every single rapper is that ur new slogan or motto?
  • You trashed out this kid called YoungJosh, but he emerged into something hollow
  • Flow so emergent I’m ten to the follow!
  • Violet had to solve the x cause Vixlet was a late myth
  • Had to change your name so fast cause you ain’t even that promised
  • If you cannot keep a name better slow ur rapping game
  • You marking me for simping at you when you can’t even state your reign
  • Your no queen, you money masher, Daddy’s money what keeps your laughter
  • Chop you head with a bloody axe see it laying In the imposter’s mask.
  • Your body’s dislocated needs a discount have to count with fingers must be a miscount
  • Violet doing tryouts cause her luck had to strike out!
  • Your going say I had to dump the battle once it’s cause this grammar was clogging me so south
  • But my bars are banging up the sound, North East, West thanks for the clout
  • Cause nobody got the right body to tell you your temper had to be brushed out
  • Even the Saint has to tell you he loves you cause the viper gobbled his wings in his mouth
  • I ain’t playing around even the Maverick don’t got sympathy for the harmony of this blackout
  • Even Christ himself came to strike your scattered bones like the Dallas bonsai
  • I don’t give nothing if you can forgive me for a slip of the tongue?
  • You call your self a hell flame cause you had to suffer from the burn of the furnace weight huh?
  • You can’t even roam an audience this ain’t a farm I’m just sheepishly laughing?
  • Is this now a lifestock or a laughstock that softened from you cracking
  • I’ll be stacking all your life’s you ain’t a puma that has three lives?
  • I would’ve used a cat but that acronym would have define your blowup like a beehive
  • No name change will thrive this pain not even painkillers can shrewdest wave of a seaside
  • This fright will give u nightmares that even your own mind can’t bare alive
  • Not even strips of Jesus’s stripes will save u from this sturdy ride.
  • Muslims that cross back will earn the heart of stone that sinks the lime.
  • You call yourself a rapper though you don’t believe cause your faith ain’t wide.


  • I thought I taught you to not challenge me after 4 rounds?
  • Jesus, you're like a boner that won't stay the fuck down!
  • Catch you with the clips so you look paler than charlie.
  • I'm the queen of this shit, no wonder my pseudonym is Harley.
  • You're so dumb, you thought you was smart when you got an A+ on your blood test.
  • You studied for an AIDS test because the doc told you to "keep thinking positive", you're a mess.
  • If you joined the BYOB, you'd get shat on from the competition.
  • For you to win, you'd have to go to Psycho and be like "I'll join on one condition!"
  • "Even though I'm shit at dissin', put me in the best position"
  • Then you realise he's not a judge and you go "Oh shit! I best start wishing!"
  • But that shooting star you just witnessed was a hallucination.
  • From the frustration that's replaced your motivation, it was just your imagination.
  • "18 lines, wait no 23.. WAIT NO 30!".
  • By the time you decide, I'll already be beating my 30s.
  • So thirsty for a win, I guess you just staying with the dry throat.
  • Because with the shit you've wrote, no sane ho gonna vote fo' yo shit on toast.
  • You be like "West Side all day!" while you live in Maine.
  • Creatin' horror with the shotty and I DON'T FLOP ALL FUCKING DAY!
  • I could be disconnected and reckless
  • You'll still be discontented and jealous.
  • You ain't beating me with generic lines like oh wait- you deleted your shit.
  • Well I can't finish that line.. that's a bit of a ball-crusher isn't it?
  • Hmm...well what the fuck do I poke fun out now?
  • I might have to just take this LL from Cool J now.
  • I'm kidding, I'm Jack the Ripper and I'm killing you now.
  • I sound like that Gorillaz album, rhyming now with now, now.
  • You could write an album, and I could drop about 16 bars.
  • I'll cut J short, wait I don't have to! He's as short as the life of his pars!
  • I could write less, whore. But with these lines, you'll think so much, I'll have your head sore.
  • YoungJosh, I'll leave you black and white like adjacent checkers on a chessboard!

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