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  • Bad bitch Spanish plug from Barcelona
  • flow sick like corona
  • street smart but no diploma
  • overseas drip straight out of Roma
  • keep da thunder on my waste like im Ballin for Oklahoma
  • speak my pain through these verses
  • Bro was stuck in da can
  • and they aint take their time to write to him in cursive
  • secure a bag before u eva buy dez bitches purses
  • my name ring bells don't need to search it
  • my life is a movie and i aint even rehearses it
  • like a kick-off tryna flip pack and return it
  • sumtimes i get in my feelins so i smoke dis pain away
  • late nights nights remseineing abt them take aways


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  • 1:09
  • On the gallows. See my family is crying.
  • Teary eyes as they can see their son dying.
  • Sun ain't shining and the tension is rising.
  • They surprised as they can see that I'm smiling.
  • Back to hiding in my room with my writings.
  • I ain't lying when I say rhyming's frightening.
  • I ain't trying when I summon all this lightning.
  • Climax climbing. Then I rest but still grinding.
  • 1:24
  • I'm still fighting. They still treat me like a god.
  • Sword from the rock. Giving it all that I got.
  • This be a book and when I change up the plot
  • You have to look. I'm the new kid on the block.
  • You looking at me like you all be in shock.
  • Better knock the door or you all will be dropped
  • Us good rappers be like some peas in a pod
  • Pulling you in with some live bait and a rod

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