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  • yea you're a phony you smell like a run-down pony.
  • that's why you're so dam lonely.
  • man, you just lost your tune.
  • you're stuck in my cartoon.
  • that's why you're my broom.
  • so put on your perfume.
  • cause you gay every hour of the day.
  • let's pray you to find your way.
  • sorry cant stay this is the end of my grey day.
  • peace.


  • Your girls pussy so dry
  • You say you love her yet you lie
  • Her and your rap like a drought
  • You might as well get out
  • Im wearing the crown
  • Now bow
  • Oh fuck I walked into
  • Brown Town
  • No use staying around
  • I see your name
  • I say Who?
  • Who the hell this bitch
  • He be actin all rich
  • Yet he be panhandling
  • You aint the king
  • So kiss the damn ring

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