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Best Depressing Song

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Battle on December 12 2021


  • My father left when I was nine
  • Thought I was a waste of time
  • I guess He regretted it
  • He became indebted
  • I guess It was too much to bear
  • Cuz he took a gun to his head
  • Now he is fucking dead
  • God help me
  • God please help me
  • Show me what to do
  • Show me the path
  • I dont know what to do
  • I dont know where to go
  • I wish I had a gun
  • I want my life done
  • Dont care if only one
  • Commit suicide
  • Throw my life aside
  • No one to live for
  • No one to die for
  • Only if I had love
  • Life seems like such a rush
  • My head feels like slush
  • My hearts been crushed
  • Ever since he left
  • I've been effed
  • I wanna commit suicide
  • Throw my life aside
  • So many nights i've cried
  • I wish I died
  • Knife is applied
  • Kill myself I've tried
  • Sometimes I talk to him at night
  • Sometimes I see that light
  • I see him at my right
  • Then I wake
  • I wanna drown inna lake
  • For gods sake
  • My whole life seems fake


  • I remember when they wanted to kill me dead
  • All these demons just be pain in my head
  • I remember my birth dad. I don't know what he said
  • But it made and impact. Made my heart feel like lead.
  • I've been through this madness all my life has been sadness
  • Been adopted now my life feels like gladness
  • Couldn't see through these teary eyes. I got glasses.
  • Now I can see all these lies. This is havoc.
  • Got in a car crash and I wish I just died
  • A week later my uncle committed suicide.
  • My dog in pain, my friends cousin tried
  • To live his best. But that didn't work, took his pride.
  • To the grave with him. Now my friends mad at me
  • Didn't do nothin. Guess our friendship's history.
  • Tryna pray to God. But he isn't listening.
  • I guess we all disagree take away these memories.
  • Please

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