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no rules come and diss me

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  • 4 sev 4 sev
  • YGZ
  • Gang, gang, gang, nigga
  • even my bitch know that
  • Graah, graah, graah, graah
  • I made that pussy fall off of his bed
  • when i drop i leave one in the head
  • On my mother you gon be dead
  • UE, Diddy, Yellow whos next
  • feeling myself cuz im off of the red
  • YGZ K, K, You head what i said
  • Fucking yo bitch, yeah she giving me head
  • Read you like a book yelling 4 sevvv
  • Heard my name in yo mouth imma slap you
  • Crunched that nigga up harder than cashews
  • My glock got a beam used for math too
  • Go to school now the bitches likes matthew
  • suck my dick fuck is you yelling for
  • what


  • They dangle and dangle as I strangle your parents with triangles.
  • Become me an orphan, and morph into the four horsemen.
  • vicious deliverance, killing infants, fan of crushing ants.
  • Mutilate m-8 mormon state Norman Bates talking in a manic state,
  • Feeling satanic people panic, damn thats a gigantic hispanic.
  • But my head is mechanic, the reason it's in sheets of plastic
  • I get wicked and kick, icing the spanish living lavish and vanish,
  • detectives sketch's, skeet shoot it I fetch, placing it right on the edge.
  • Tortured and crippled, ripping Rudyard Kipling's linguistics militaristic.
  • Sicklings with that wicked needle, feets kicking clock's ticking stop tripping,
  • He whose not a master of something, is a butcher of it,
  • Terminator you little germ, I got more sperm then Germany,
  • I'm the next delegator, the least expected next dictator.
  • Duck tape and drain her gastric vein with my razor.
  • Atleast I'm a beast, freaks gotta ease, forty-feet war repeat so to speak.
  • I think your body is unique, such a treat to eat.

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