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  • It lil savage i am in the studio man watch me get this joint pumpen baby ay look at all my bling ay it lil savage watch me pull up in my lambo shining like a gold sun look at my chain my teeth looking like a diamond in the sky look at my mansion and navy shoes and gold vest look at me big brrr watch me flex all these people looking dumb all these people up in my grill look at me lil savage in the studio ayy it lil savage watch me pull up with my gold teeth jewal in my mouth fame everywhere wrist look like a star ayy it lil savage i got all this fame look at me getting rich got aims in the bankdimonds on my neck look at me let’s go yeah it’s lil savage getting rich all these people call me by my real name ayy thats illegal dog look big stacks in the bank ayy i won champions i am happy as ever been let’s go lil savage out


  • You think you're pumpin tokes? I got bowls n J's for days
  • I'm in a cloud of smoke; can't see me through the haze.
  • and my chains would fuckin daze ya like they made of stun-rays
  • you may be OK I guess; stun-rays only work on brains

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