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  • I would use my friends bathroom everyday to take a shit
  • I would spill on his floor give me some water I'll spit
  • I would eat all his food up i would proceed to cuss
  • I would play game with his bitch then she gave my dick a touch
  • I would then jump out of a window with nothing on but my underwear
  • I would have sympathy for her he a flat tire I gave her a spare
  • I would then go over my friends house the next fucking night
  • I slapped his girlfriends ass she was wearing tight fucking tights
  • I told my friend nigga you a simp you ain't half the man I am
  • I am the man and you don't have half the dick size that I have It stands.
  • I watched as his bitch would take a long glance her eyes would drop
  • I like her I dropped my pants we fucked all night my friend sat and watched
  • I took a shit she took one with me the nigga cleaned it up with his bare hands
  • I got my dick sucked while we both in the shower she washed it off man
  • I then proceeded to drop kick my friend in his face then he fell
  • I know kinda like his bitch fell hard for this steel pipe she under the spell


  • Three little pigs, three little pigs,
  • Rappin some stuff that ain't nothin rigged
  • Three little pigs, three little pigs
  • Rappin some stuff that ain't nothin rigged
  • The wolf is you, he is some poo
  • And when we see ya we like choo-choo runnin from you.
  • Chasin after us spittin that crap.
  • Boi spittin trash ain't how ya rap.
  • One pig represents these rappers and one represents my homies.
  • I'm the one with the brick house,
  • I have somethin better than a hole I ain't no mouse.
  • I spit some fire you can't break through me, boi this is some lit stuff I rappin.
  • Takin you down, just somethin needed to do before headin back to town.
  • I'm cool, i'm smart.
  • Straight up boi some trash spot spittin that crap get out of here.

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