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  • it's been some years since I've returned to battling on rap pad
  • mad glad I got this bitch that acts bad so I can attack that
  • scratch that like drive-bys we don't wave back we fucking stay strapped
  • seats laid back I got my best gun, Key Glock ah shit that's Maybach
  • so now you wanna attack a titan
  • like this is just an act when I’m writing
  • like my whole life I've never been fighting
  • and all of this shit was me just hyping
  • till you fuck around and we have a gauntlet match
  • till like Thanos I put this iron, man on their back
  • but you still thinking this ain’t me this is just a rap
  • ok so like Thanos who put Iron-man in his back
  • I’ll verbally merk you no for real I might seriously hurt you make armour crack
  • so when you return to your peers half of them will disappear when I finally snap
  • every track I talk about my pain
  • I act like a bad boy? Man things done change.
  • Went from suicidal thoughts to now somebody’s gotta die
  • and I'll Machine gun funk you (fuck you) up like you were no friend of mine
  • so better watch your back before this gun so big pop ya (big poppa)
  • With your crew still in the room acting like man who shot ya
  • Man stop with this lie it’s unbelievable how you still don’t get it yet
  • Before I was ready to die now I wanna show you life after death


  • More often than not, my thoughts brought in are to hard to soften the pot
  • So i Copped a squat for a while on your profile, spewed bile and whatnot
  • You know you ought not write a check.. mate to buy an L at a pawnshop
  • Signed your john Hancock, on a financial doc, back in the can... pop
  • Now your on the wrong block, i made a Longshot, your heart got a warm spot
  • Blood soaked mop, as your drawers drop, got you a sore spot for that small flock
  • Of thor cock which was more than a whore got or what my pistols forgot.
  • Boomerang, I circle back and a stay cooler than the good humor man
  • Now watch this sasquatch with a chris bosh Bigfoot hop squash your future plans
  • off the court newbie, as i read this sentence rudely like judge Judy
  • I got that glow and I need to show jeet kun do like I was Bruce lee
  • Fucking bored with this, cause it's like Chuck Norris going to war with corpses
  • Watch me chop thee like its hibachi and kill you like my tamagatchie poor bitch

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