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No recorded shit, do your best and have fun.

Max of 64 lines


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  • I am my own critic
  • I took the bullet and bit it
  • I took the venom and spit it
  • I took the target and hit it
  • Then I took the target and hid it
  • Put it on my back, made the world my enemy
  • I don't mind that, people wonder what's gotten into me
  • I'm tired of being humble,
  • I'm royal ready to rumble
  • ink into gold like rumple
  • I got the mind of a prophet
  • I aint got time for God, on God, shit
  • Me and him can scrap like God on God
  • Til you're God is gone
  • I'm just joking, I don't actually mean it
  • I'm enjoying smoking, I'll pack your meat in
  • Wait, pause that's not what I was meaning
  • I meant smoking you, no tobacco needed
  • Gave myself 10 minutes to write this
  • So if you come, come with the right diss
  • SeweySide is leaving the building
  • That he built from being the villain.


  • Wanted to respond but couldn't decide on the perfect rhyme, I'm like Aaron Dontez Yates, cuz I'm aimin' my tech n9ne/nine at Sewey's Side.
  • You should get disqualified your rhymes are half-assed unclassified, you could pen- a horror script flick and your written's will be the only thing that's got me horrified,
  • Went from Side to Morton cuz this bitch stays salty, blaming Doc for your problems but my pen-game perfection grants me immunity from you to fault me,
  • I can see you're feeling the pressure, like when that anxiety kicks in as you un-equip the glock off the dresser,
  • And as you're putting together it's suppressor, you gotta perfectly measure whether you'll have a successor as you fulfill the endeavor,
  • I'm hot like the weather outside in the land of Nether, your girlfriend's titts rubbed on my dick as she is tied in rope like that ball of tether,
  • You fuckin' with somebody who just doesn't have the patience, I'ma Doctor of rhymes, and I ain't got time to cure these patients,
  • Somebody prepare this ignorant cuck's replacement, found 'em hog-tied 'n shit-faced in a basement covered in raisins,
  • Nobody can withstand the hell that Doc is raising, I never trail in the votes, but the competition I'm fuckin' Blazin' straight to the pavement,
  • My mind's full of ancient demons in cages, I release the rage that's transitioned to my face onto these bloody composition pages,
  • Nobody understands the pain that's overtaken, but with time I hope to rid myself of these voices that are baking my cells I need to be escaping,
  • Hell if I know about the body bags, I equipped the mags and threw them at fags in the back of their lac's,
  • What you lack is the skill to fight back against the master of attack, with a face covered in black spray paint and ready to fuck your mother's ass,
  • These bars are built to last the hatred, you'll be shaking as your baked into bacon and eating grenades placed in enslavement,
  • Make you eat the dog shit that's comin' out a rottweiler's asshole, tied with a lasso, smokin' emcee's like a pack of Tobacco,
  • Fuckin' your bitches pussy, I'll be glad to, I love fighting tough opponents but you are no match though,
  • Eatin' semen that's cumming/coming out the demon's, with me she'll be sleeping, now go to bed bitch, I got a thick-ass to be eatin',
  • Better yet, acquire the tech from the dev and show up with multiple goons strapped up with black vests,
  • Aiming for heads, never aim for the chest, you may have cheated on your girlfriend, but you won't be able to against this test,
  • So, place your final bet, in a couple of sec's, the place will be flooded with blood comin' from above the master's bed,
  • Look, this shit here took a minute to write, I could say more but I believe that'll be my third strike,
  • So let me end this with a final goodbye, and I hope you don't mind admitting to the world that your father would be me, I might,
  • Remember when your mother hired a plumber a few times, but let me tell you that she took a few different pipes!

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