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Battle on December 6 2021


  • Go undefeated in this rappin stuff like the 1972 Dolphins
  • Runnin through the competition like I'm Jerome Bettis
  • Elusive with the run game like Saquon Barkley
  • Ballin on the bitches like I'm D Rose
  • Cross you up and catch yo ankles like Mitchell's crossover
  • Drain Psychos career like it's J.R Smith
  • Career so high couldn't touch even if you were Tacko Fall
  • Makin this shit look easy like LaMelo Ball
  • Takeover the game like a Takeover in Nba 2K
  • Catchin all these bodies like Beckham in 2014


  • Spring on em like May weather, let’s see you swing on the greats
  • Got Yung runnin off the bat like it’s a little league game
  • The world don’t revolve around you homie Kyrie has proof
  • Can’t even show face on the mic like Tyson’s tattoo
  • Only time this man shoots is basketball with his hands up
  • I’m bout to catch a body on the net, call it a slam duck
  • And that would be the only time we’d catch you ballin with the shits
  • He just mad I’m doper on a track than Sha’Carri Richardson
  • Just goes to show how quick I be out here rappin circles around em
  • Bars light as the Pats’ deflated balls, y’all already know the verdict and outcome

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