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No rules just have more than 20 lines, dont care about syllables. Lets get it.

Max of 30 lines


71 won this battle!


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  • More explosive than some menthol, more minter than mentos slayin' every instrumental shakin' your mental
  • Clean you up like some dental, you got stolen bars them shits are a rental, your fame is only temporal
  • Hit you with a force so lethal that it persuaded the people to let dumbasses like you write illegal
  • Give your forehead a nipple with a deagle its that simple poppin' yo ass like a bad pimple
  • Im gonna tell you what ive told all my victims, you made a grave mistake yea i tricked him
  • Would have figured with the knives behind your back you would of at least of gripped em
  • Oppressing this guy harder than the system, I guarantee if you have a sister that ive already kissed her
  • Does that make you bitter? Sweet like Ritter you bust quicker than a virgin babysitter
  • Hoppin' on my waves like im a radio emitter you cant handle these bars hotter than Atlantic
  • with punchlines colder than the ice that killed the titanic, my hits; i land it starting a world wide panic
  • With thoughts so manic confusing like Icelandic lines more rancid than hydrochloric acid
  • More talented than oh jolly with rhymes radioactive givin' prancer cancer
  • If you think you're so good then become a lyrical freelancer, what's your answer?
  • Kill shots riddle your body turning you into a dancer, your so brittle like iCarly on camera
  • Slit your throat makin' a gaping whole cuz you choked, what a joker, The beast you poked, your manhood revoked
  • cause after i stroke my poker i slip it in the hole in your neck and deny your attempt to defend
  • Call that an unholy glory hole but i still say amen, are we just going to pretend that my skills arent top ten?
  • Stop giving me these mice of men when i want to slay a giant with my page and pen
  • Stab 'em in the eye with the olive branch i did extend Expend his homestead, drink his milk and eat his bread
  • Piss in his bed fillin' his head with hot lead feasting on the dread push you to the edge
  • step on your fingers while your holding onto the ledge blocking you out from greatness like over the hedge
  • I go hard on every battle, Broke from all the time that i have spent and i havent even started to try yet
  • If i lose its gonna be to everyone's expense your just a byproduct of the power ive lent
  • My last name means steel so call me clark kent because that is exactly what i bend
  • I write 30 lines minimum on every diss, how much do you think ill write when i finally face a prince?
  • Im not dense, 2 faced like Harvey Dent i dont want to make amends i confess this is just a test to see if im the best yes i write to impress lest i jest
  • Not sexist ill even slay an Empress cutting off her breasts and rape her dress im not impressed violate the alphabet when im cleaner than crest and when these pests i digest
  • Makin' a mess more or less scorn the guests nastier than porn on the chest when your addressed answer with much respect even tho im an adoles' cause ill break your neck
  • What you wrote aint shit to what i just spit should have guessed that you would be unable to manifest a good attempt im just better than the rest
  • Left you droolin on your desk just like the pesk you are and i just slandered your name harder than the press.


  • You sure flew to send a diss, against a top-dog
  • This dude gonna need butter lube when my knife sawin' him like corn on the cob
  • You drivin' up in destruction, like Vince Niel from Moltey Crue
  • So this "pro" posted, but slow to go scopin', on competition
  • Got to love these newbies ambitions,
  • Mumblin' to many propositions,
  • Leave go read poetry, and do revisions
  • Like Charles Dickens, you need to meet the poet ghost, considerin' you bluffin' with no structure
  • Bro I smiled wide with glee, when you opened ya keyboard and boasted,
  • You gambled this battle, but 71 already had on hand the flush in poker
  • I thought, your serious? your pride needs euthanized
  • You proved you practically a rap baby, this dude is Ludacris
  • To the core, I'ma true North dog, you a looser tryna be a superstar
  • Your brain so far in the Milky Way, you depraved of real skill
  • Now your words are taken for a grain of salt, fly on long gone, like a Mars Bar
  • I lyrically killed you for practice, and a free defeat
  • I'm purely usin' u, 2 test my skill, show off talk, n flow, like I'm Richard Kuklinski's with a crossbow
  • Death didn't kiss, you kissed it
  • Consider this your rappad eviction
  • You served your term but bye bye you go, like president Nixon
  • No, no Tylenol or Antidote for your aches and pains will save you
  • How was your win to drippy_josh?
  • Suddenly you knock "Top Dogs", thinkin' you as big as Rick Ross
  • Homie like you outta stay away to you safe space on TickTok
  • Don't cry and bitch, wonder why you wicked smoked harder than a Box Mod
  • Bro, but you know I'm fuckin' with u though, keep going
  • But this battle shit take skill, so guy leave ur mind open

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