Battles  Kondreact vs King-Law


No rules. Diss opponent. 18 min 24 max.

Max of 24 lines


Kondreact won this battle!


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  • You act like you're bred from the ghetto, nigga ain't on my level/
  • You couldn't beat me, with a "deal" that you'd make with the "devil"/
  • You bout to "lose your high" I'm "changing the treble"/
  • When I pull out that "long nose, boy"....but it ain't from Geppetto/
  • The demi-god in the flesh, the lines I display are godly/
  • You gonna learn to respect my art, and never again cross me/
  • I got enough "weight in every bar", I suggest that the rest "watch me"/
  • Lil nigga I'll get you "bodied in the streets" "Nato did Gaddafi"/
  • A "drawn piece" is the only time you have a "piece drawn"/
  • Life ain't a game lil nigga, don't look towards a respawn/
  • Better than whatever you post, get smoked for tryna be boss/
  • I'll squeeze off, the "mac will have you meeting with Steve Jobs"/
  • I shoot, you drop! Don't act like you know what to do with Glocks/
  • The rueger talks, and it don't like what you producing dawg/
  • The shit in my google doc, will make your noodle pop/
  • Ya fam gonna panic and check the "search engine", see if they can find a "google doc"
  • This is a warning for all, and any crew you running with/
  • Fuck with kon? The nine'll rise and make you plummet quick/
  • I don't strategize, I just "gun it" kid, get nullified if you want it, shit/
  • You'll "eat slugs" from the gat, and next time you see me, there'll be "butterflies in your stomach bitch"/


  • I'ma show you how we do
  • I got rappers tryin to make some whack tunes
  • Tryin to lace my tracks with track tunes
  • Off the tape I got goons
  • I break bread with intellect
  • I sit and reflect on when the violence finna stop
  • get pissed at the nigga that made my homie drop
  • catch a nigga snitchin he turn into an op
  • sometimes my dogs wanna kill 12
  • ops be tryna get the drop
  • never caught lackin
  • stackin all this paper got me trippin
  • keep flappin yo jawz
  • ima have to right my wrongs
  • with my wrongs bein not killin you
  • high as hell feel like im on the moon
  • dont wanna start shit wit me
  • make yo ugly ass look like a baboon
  • keep comin at me will just make u look like a buffoon
  • poppin these perks got me feelin high as the moon
  • lyrics comin out my mouth like a monsoon
  • leave yo ass dead lookin like a dried up prune

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