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  • Seeing ghosts from the past
  • About disaster in the world and
  • remember what I said
  • Yes you heard what I said
  • Gone and believed what I heard
  • just tryna make my voice heard
  • And I hang with wolves
  • they used to feed me detours
  • I flash smiles at the mean looks
  • Kid who always looks mad
  • Cause now you got me hopped up on that
  • So gold albums or not, I did affect rap
  • Now you got me hopped up on that
  • You gotta adapt though I'm never going back
  • I can't hold back, it's time to attack
  • You, you, you have to pay for that
  • i really hoped on that
  • yall wolves
  • I was the sheep and them the wolves.
  • Yeah I know we never got to meet
  • Sometimes I think, what I need
  • Long as I can feel my heart tap like happy feet


  • I used to rap humble but what I say is cocky
  • you cannot stop me like a goalie from a game of hockey
  • you can hit face to stop me
  • but my name is Rocky I'll probably make you learn MMA and go take karate
  • you're going to have to fight me with hand grenade Glock two Canon chain's
  • and a bandage tape to your cock my fuck'in enemies ran away didn't walk
  • when I cocked back the cat and the blame away like I'm 2pack
  • shout out to Mac Lethal

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