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  • For the record
  • Ik i get heard
  • I don’t get bored
  • Sometimes i snore
  • What the fuck is my cords
  • Ima kill more people
  • This one is for
  • The bored
  • I’m tired
  • And fired
  • From a job ‘
  • But I still bob
  • This a joke
  • You look like your going to choke
  • I don’t poke
  • This what i wrote
  • I’m a goat
  • I hope you die you fry


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  • 0secs - 21
  • This is a certified hood classic
  • Damn son where you this one form
  • (I’m back)
  • Another banger for the album
  • 22sec-end
  • I do this effortlessly
  • This is too easy for me
  • i don’t know why people don’t think im a queen
  • Im 15 stealing candy from your momas
  • By 16 and i don’t even wear a bra bra
  • I go hard ah ah ah ah
  • I’m so wet i'm wetter than the rain rata rata rata
  • I own this fame
  • Don’t act lame
  • If You ain’t game
  • Then i maintain the claim
  • Get ready for this flame
  • You know i like notre dame
  • You are to blame
  • I hope your ready to die
  • You better cry
  • I think this do or die
  • You look like a fry,
  • You know i like some pie
  • I know i got a guy

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