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  • sneaking round base to murder
  • Hide among the crew of workers
  • Came here to sow disorders
  • Thought my conquest would be shorter
  • Now i'm trapped and whos to blame
  • This kid who plays a different game
  • Who stand between me and my aim
  • To sulk around to kill and maim
  • Here among the sea of stars
  • I'm obligated to spit bars
  • There are crewmates near and far
  • I rather leave the vents a jar
  • Widow to succeed to shrinking
  • Pretty Soon the crew thinkin
  • That there coloney’s a-sinkin
  • To my hand mayhem linkin
  • You ain’t playin by the rules
  • You're gonna make me lose
  • when i'm stuck singing with you
  • Visible to the crew
  • Who’ll bother
  • The imposter
  • Who’ll slaughter everyone on this outpost
  • Could be fakin my task
  • Were for this kid’s singing
  • But i didn’t ask
  • Could destabilize the techtonics
  • Under pollus
  • I shall take drastic
  • Mesures if the rules of music
  • Must control us
  • Among us
  • Makin fuss
  • Lookin sus
  • Cause we’re singin in the halls
  • They’ll find me
  • They’ll see me
  • Eject me
  • Into magma imma fall
  • It’s time to
  • Take action
  • Acttackin
  • Keep this rapper off my back
  • Nobody will find your body
  • Say goodbye
  • These weapons got you fadin to black
  • KILL


  • man I ain't got no patience it's either me or these weird people
  • I don't want to get annihilated or eliminated
  • if I die imma probably go to hell but I'm not afraid of Satan it's like Star Wars force awaken
  • I'm eating my bacon cuz satan this body ain't for taken this Angel was so forsaken
  • my body be shaken I might get one of my church as nuns mistaken with the one from The Conjuring
  • Satan probably was pondering what I'm pondering but this is only my song to sing.

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