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No diss no hook no recording

Max of 38 lines


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Battle on October 27 2021 and Battle on December 7 2021


  • Ordered to win from God
  • Sword is the pen a militant and I'm hard
  • Skill is in charge
  • Flow enlarged
  • Like my liver scarred
  • I'm just digging without a facade.
  • Spit involved
  • To digest the best in progress
  • The say I'm from Boston
  • Just because of Massachusetts trying to make
  • Massive movements
  • Improvement
  • Suited to be so fluent and to do this
  • Wickedly not strict to beats
  • I can spit till none can compete
  • Run into defeat
  • Like a pair of Nike you don't compare as nice
  • Fair sighted
  • So both parts of the life shine
  • Rhymes like dimes drop in but no copping
  • Soul process go with the flow like the next
  • Go like the best fuck a vet need a check not impressed
  • Unless it's me compressed
  • With the mic at my neck
  • Held at mic point
  • He to destroy the void
  • Of being so annoyed that he be on point shape of pink Floyd
  • I'm raping the kings bringing the noise
  • The pain brings heat to the joy
  • Of the pen
  • Forcing a grin torched with a spin
  • Spit the words out done told em again
  • Get the lights on bright as bleach setting in
  • Rhymes be medal thick
  • The chosen one picked
  • Flows go quick like running through a bitch


  • There is one person in this world
  • Out of 1 trillion people
  • And that person is Josh
  • My boyfriend hangs around in the mossh
  • He is there when i need him
  • I have been dating him for a week
  • He is the greatest thing in the world
  • Don’t get me wrong
  • There are other people out there
  • But Josh is special
  • He is loving, caring and so much more than enough
  • When i first met u i glew up
  • I felt something i never did before
  • It was a good feeling
  • Josh listen if anyone ever hurts u i will protect u
  • I will be there for u
  • I love u
  • I don’t know what i would do without u
  • When u get hurt i will come
  • When u get sad i will come
  • I love u always remember that
  • my gf made this
  • follow Christian_josh
  • tell me if shes good the songs about me

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