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  • yeah,
  • look,
  • I got these thoughts in my head,
  • I got this hole in my chest,
  • I got these drugs in my system,
  • they always help,
  • when I'm feeling depressed,
  • tell me you love me,
  • don't lie to me,
  • tell me the secrets,
  • you hide from me,
  • battle these demons inside of me,
  • leave me alone,
  • and just give me my privacy,
  • I think I'm better off dead,
  • yeah you heard what I said,
  • I start talking crazy,
  • when I'm not on my meds,
  • my man tried to tell me,
  • "it's all in your head"
  • look at your bitch,
  • looking at me,
  • I got the feds,
  • looking at me,
  • you lookin' mad,
  • looking at me,
  • I know it hurt,
  • when you looking at me,
  • She lie to party and dance,
  • can't keep your dick in your pants,
  • she like Codeine in her cups,
  • she like to swallow some xans,
  • Say I'm the best,
  • and I won't disagree,
  • I'm chasing dreams,
  • you got a degree,
  • I got the passion,
  • the drive and belief,
  • 5 in the morning,
  • i'm up,
  • you asleep,


  • Hey A-Sav, so you challenge me but did you have a plan?
  • did you account for the fact that you might be the shit that hits the fan?
  • Man oh man i just cant stand the way your bars stink like you wrote them while on the can
  • messin' with me will shorten your life span, im a drop 2 bombs on ya like your japan
  • i dont give a damn, why you called some status you could never land?
  • cuz you most definitely aint A-Sav-age, break yo bars and i sal-vage, rob your cars cuz
  • im a mave-rick, you think you got some talent? tell me how is your album still standing?
  • You deleted shit cuz you got made fun of it? i see your a people pleaser and a fucking geezer
  • This boy probably got bullied by his teacher and touched by his preacher
  • You can just tell by his demeanor he is a lesser creature
  • were you made in a test tube? conceived in a restroom? Because you like like
  • they tried to scoop you out with a hot spoon, Modok looking ass im viktor von Doom
  • Shut up you got raped in the classroom during sex ed while they said what not to do in gay sex
  • Fucked with a broom and hung with a harpoon, evil starts to loom, its me the Abyssal Monsoon
  • you just entered the classroom, you see this is a childs game to me, let me give you some therapy
  • cuz apparently your diagnosis must be verily psychosis, im your psychologist
  • and you will never get on top of me because next im giving yo ass a fucking lobotomy
  • taking your rep and throwing you to sodomy, cant you see i got it, im a prodigy
  • aimin for your carotid artery, with a heart brittle as pottery, i just hit the lyrical lottery
  • now im mockingly monitoring as you scramble to write some lines that sound just right
  • boy how can you think with pants so tight? You poked a bear and now you are paying the price
  • sever your head and put it on a vice then i take some mice and stick em in your eyes
  • then i shove a mic down your pipe so we could all hear what a pussy sounds like
  • Then i cut making incision lines, looking for your spine, Sir! its greatly reduced in size?
  • Shrunk like his mind which i couldnt find when i opened his head with a line,
  • took his time like i'm something divine you should try to resign before the clock hits nine
  • cuz at that time ill roast you like a swine, dip your tongue in wine cuz its covered in my grime
  • so you could taste my sublime slime, a seed so fine everybody wants this pipe
  • but ill let you cut the line so you could finally know what greatness tastes like
  • Here im done with this fool, y'all can have whats left of this tool
  • Learn from my sloppy seconds cuz i just taught this bitch a lesson.

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