Battles  Soularis vs ShapeShift


Must make anime references.

Max of 40 lines


ShapeShift won this battle!


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  • Grabbed the clock watched it crumble and now time STOPS
  • Do what you want, im a shark, Bruce, ill bite anyone, im the reason they invented floss
  • just by listening to this song you were caught lacking
  • seconds have passed and the bills are already stacking
  • Now im turning back the flow, im still hungry so i went back 4, seconds
  • the world wants a piece? well call me john legend because i will give you all of me
  • Why wait, shark bait?
  • earth quake, crystal lake
  • At any rate the whole array of my prey i will obliterate before the sun reaches the equate
  • So lets get ready to race
  • who ever is not in first place i will liquidate out of the way with a bit of hate
  • make haste and set your pace to reach the gateway, its where ill wait with my metaphorical AK
  • with all this lead that i lay you could not invade my brain,
  • im just another link in this never ending chain
  • im part of a ever changing race
  • call me magneto because the foundations of states i will raise
  • into the sky and blast them off into space
  • Like Kakashi im covering my face
  • take from me these 2 bells and ill allow you to escape
  • lucky team 7, i killed my dad because im a fucking hatake
  • hit you in your chest with my karate
  • im going all out im opening all the 8 gates, are you readty?
  • Lightning release: purple electricity.
  • Fire release: great fireball technique, aint no running from me
  • and my sharingan, chidori, oh now you forgot like dory?
  • if yo bitch was a house my name would be cory,
  • dont bother while im reading my story,
  • im taking the title hokage for all of its glory
  • you nasty sinners cant touch me im too holy,
  • bars turning yo cerebral into guacamole, chop it up like im suey,
  • back to my ninja shit i hit yo lid with my kamui,
  • this so defaming you should sue me,
  • aint no taming the beast inside me im too unruly


  • I get in you like yasha exclusive as prada the one in nirvana,
  • I get you sweltering like a sauna slash you with katanas,
  • Nofap got me having dragon balls get more green then piccolo you get nada,
  • Slice you like samurai champloo you get ran through I spit sagas,
  • Cope and seethe you broken seed I'm the ghost in the shell,
  • Cybernetic rhyme kinetic flowing from hell,
  • Whatever happens happens a space cowboy I coast and I sail,
  • I'm sending my reply by letting the lead fly,
  • You must of forget like Faye Valentine you taking red eye,
  • I learn from the godly burning your body,
  • We living in times like Ergo Proxy archons disturbing my body,

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