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Battle on October 22 2021 and Battle on October 23 2021


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  • like i said in the last song everyone wants me dead not happening i' staying alive till i grow
  • old because like i'm bold like i got you in a headlock hold i'm bold you old school
  • i'm new school i'm a SERPENT living in a house under a serpent hole you're a monster
  • living in the dump trying to find food but do you ever find food no you just sit there in the cold
  • like your bold but what happens next you die you get buried in the ground i'm standing
  • on top of your grave saying i'm new school you old school that why you dead
  • because you were old i'm still living because i'm young i'm 15 years old so yea new school you old school
  • so shut up and get what's coming to you because i told y'all i'm never gonna die
  • people die but legends legends never die bitch this is serpent saying peace
  • think i'm playing you won't be thinking that when i have a knife in my
  • hand and your on the floor dead in the head don't test me


  • i love u
  • no homo

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