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Written Battle, Beat Optional, 30 Lines Or Less

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  • (0:04)_ Explosive in the ocean biomes, all across the globe I triumph
  • This watered down Flo-Rida .. Talkin' wavelengths, you're on Moby giant's //
  • Contradicts ya saying you can't-try-dick, that vote inspired by homophobic bias –
  • Well I ship it, ya Quee' with that Ishmael doing the bedding like Obadiah //
  • Goadings for kinship ignored, like how the Most High shows us why the Book of Jobe was pious
  • Look, look at all the clouds and imagine a "sober" Sky King
  • Figuratively can't put my finger on it, literally I'm here to probe ya highness //
  • Like Obi wan Kenobi, Orion, you just Boba Fett with a strobe light prone to dyin'
  • Chokin' on the thirst for vengeance 'n ya throat is dryin'
  • My lyrical drip nectar of the Gods Bittersweet like Soby-Osiris //
  • Stay on the web stringing together a swagger like nobody's flyer
  • Tobey Maguire no challenger to Kal-El, make sure ya life's insured //
  • Broke bitch, ya need balance first, be like what the Tao ensures
  • I'm a down to Earth Shaolin, live in the Now before you're ground to dirt //
  • Trill ya feelin' lesser than ancestors wishin' you grew around 'em Moor
  • But you're too Western to ever live up to the great Yaqub al-Mansur //
  • Fake 'Pac ya fufu, wanna-be Shaka Zulu, see what I'm talkin' true to
  • Got 'not a God-King bars' for you, or, just what Dawkins alludes to //
  • Not that you're unreal, we just don't feel it, you interpret a block to elude you
  • Well if boredom is dangerous then Trill gives off a lot of toxic juju //
  • I'm the wrong person, whether mano-a-mano with one giant, small-fry, or I take on a surplus //
  • It's all in the punchline if a blindspot's certain; I've even brung knives to gun fights, all on purpose //
  • See these butterflies got you gun shy – So it's on the other side of a meaning why this knife is shook //
  • Outward/word you with the second, AND first amendment 'til ya life gets took //
  • One time he rolled away with a W and it felt awfully good,
  • He was feeling himself so much that he scoffed the rooks
  • In my defense? A fluke is the only time I let my punching bag, off the hook. //
  • Dummy I ain't sayin' you can't rock with the greatest, just ya talk's overrated //
  • And I walk on the elevated, think why the Book of Enoch was eradicated
  • Feel me, these other writers buggin' cuz they in-sects that you indoctrinated // (1:57)


  • Y'all think im scared of White Boy Maverick hacking from his barbie pink and white palace? This geek doesn't want beef, he rather toss salads
  • Bitch those pretty lines are just ASMR for faggots, and your butt shots are barely active.
  • Lil Mav X, your just a rappad Industry Baby, i can picture you and your clique dancing naked.
  • I was laughing at the Tears in ya eyes when you seen a Deer Die and almost went crazy, what a queer, ill kill a steer like "Dad hold my beer", bring home his head for a souvenir, this is predator versus prey.
  • Ya SUS raps versus me dropping shit like the Enola Gay, your styles growing mold, old and grey.
  • Your like a LGBT Christian Grey, your hate got me under 50 shades, your one of the mascots for the KHAY parade.
  • You used to be cool, now your like some faded J's, Every yellow word is just a sign that your afraid.
  • Maverick the Stallion getting capped like Tory Lanez bald head, my exposition should be in all red.
  • I bet of of us feel the same, your lame and should be replaced by Ishtalker or AME, instead
  • We accept a lie, my nigga you pull the pen out ya chest pocket, and i pull mine out a grenade.
  • And don't talk about a booth, when the truth is, if you had faith in more than your pen, wouldn't you Pin your recordings?
  • Them shits is buried next to where your going, i got y'all favorite white boy overdosing on a potent mix of lyrics and fentanyl.
  • While he's trying to get me bent on tylenol, im James Pettit and they can't except it, ive seen alot people body you and not get the credit.
  • Same shit, give a kid a nice long comment then try to destroy him later from stolen knowledge. Now pay attention fools
  • Because im dropping Richard Jewells, this dudes not really Bombing, just an old man with no conscious.
  • On shoulders of the dumb, is how he rose to prominence, im that rose from the concrete, outside the apartments.
  • God King, I stand apart from men, i see you grabbed the dictionary and started throwing darts again, your not that smart my friend.
  • Who's name is better? Who's willing take a fight whenever? You take forever, just to make it look better
  • But i never learned nothing, from one letter, you picked an ABC battle and won by one vote, dumb joke. Big fish, scared to leave the small pond, rather bully the minnows and inhale fully a dildo. Keep it real bro
  • If diamond sharpens diamond, im the diamond tester, and your like a hyman on uncle fester. Them bars don't register on metal detectors
  • Now im gunning and your running with the effort of a North Korean defector, your clones are gonna be fucked now that there Westworld is Burning. And after they find out that Maverick is a virgin who couldn't pass the Turing. The God King just beat this Cracka ass like Higher Learning

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