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  • If lyrics was ammo, then I got a shotgun shell, and my Glock runs well,
  • Show up and secure victory, then leave with that Top Gun smell,
  • No words left by the first step, lyrical murder to leave a curb wet,
  • Bring back old Pharaohs in a curled vest just to hurt death,
  • I broke through old crews and sold you this soul food,
  • Wrap up a rhyme and a story like J Cole could,
  • My punch is a lethal cold hook and my brain will decimate whole books,
  • And thats just inspiration, that leave you heralding new mindsets,
  • Flip a dime for a dollar, you find my lines for the scholars,
  • Rap scholar, not a whack baller, dreams of rolling up fat dollars,
  • My rhymes are unitary, not of the half order, deepening the math-sorta,
  • They call me when they need hooks or the beef cooks,
  • Exogenesis of an intellect unrivalled,
  • I got the blueprints to have industry shook,
  • Fame redefined, never the same since I broke through,
  • If music is food for the soul, then call mine soul food,
  • Extensive vocabulary,
  • I use terminologies for the beat, freaks and peeps,
  • Astronomical output, I solemnly fill out the pages over repeating weeks,
  • Never one to miss dreams or the schemes,
  • My mind hungers for rhymes like a fiends,
  • Because the crowds a mix, and I deploy tricks and get them their fix,
  • Emcees beef and got a fair diss,
  • Locate me in the derelict, where the weeds a need,
  • Smooth, let the rhythm hit em,
  • Listen, and best not miss as I embark to step on this journey,
  • My rhymes are barely legal, they need attorneys,
  • Pussies turn and worship rock stars,
  • But the whack deny these facts, that I got hot bars,
  • Thugs come and seek beef, and know I let them drop hard,
  • Enemies find Im harder on em, like Hitler on them nine Jews,
  • I only fund and run with pros, not them blind crews,
  • And of course, this is a fat rap, not poetry and prose,
  • Opponents and me, our flows not even close to,
  • I whip my crew like troops and have us rote learn the codebook,
  • And I'm never short on words, got MCs who stole whole hooks,
  • A gift: every time I spit I send shockwaves through primetime news,
  • Break news better than the advent of global catastrophe,
  • Like an exponential blow-up, frontin MCs never show up,
  • To my battles or the lot, my rhymes are the best in the shop,
  • My shot routine rivals Kobe, MCS reaching their pinnacle know me,
  • Because it's only through routine study, one makes it to the summit,
  • Dedicate this to this worlds devils,
  • Who got nothing better to do but try and swap genders,
  • My rhymes are ice cold, hard enough to chop blenders,


  • Intro:
  • What´s up Tough guy thinking you is cool and stuff
  • (Rappad on the beat)
  • Yeah you thought a christian couldn´t rap
  • Lyrics:
  • This World is tearing us apart, what happened to singing Jesus every day
  • In the name of Jesus can you stop this time, i cuss a bit i still believe in him
  • I love you he says lord loving you ain´t no crime, We doing stuff your way
  • Devil looking kinda sus you his demon uh oh you making my lights dim
  • Look I love you Jesus loves you too, don´t celebrate spooky season
  • I ain´t no ghost boy i don´t go boo, It´s called halloween for a reason
  • Okay to be honest i think i brought halloween candy, but it´s all right
  • When i see the lord above i think about when i die i´ll see his light
  • Jesus Christ yeah
  • Turn to Christ yeah
  • Repent to Christ uh
  • Look Jesus is coming back soon so i need you to bow down
  • The devil owns all of the world but lemme tell you not this town
  • I pray that Jesus will keep me away from temptation i love you
  • Baby i´m sorry i´m not acting like the devil Jesus is what i´ll do
  • yeah so beat that

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