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  • Tryna force me far, you'll get bust in cold, so call me tin man cause I don't got heart
  • I say what's good, so don't try to get me back, or I'll be upfront like Rosa Park
  • Don't matter if you a fat fuck, you'll get pushed around, you lighter than helium
  • Too ass like bodies fused, only time you represent you're one in a Trillion
  • No God, you a dude, explains why you're named G K, being labled dumb for yous not far
  • If you think you got gun lines, hot bars, I'll give you a frostbite, to prove you're not armed
  • Begs me mad to send it fast, your insults not offensive man, go check your hand
  • All your lines are just gentle smacks, full of filler, use it to replace my dentist plan
  • I'll provide the smoke, you will get high on me, only time I'm fucking with junkies
  • Once shells crack, yo body gon fall off since it's wrapped now, you cast as Humpty Dumpty
  • Corny statement, acting like you not a shell of your former self, when your top wet
  • For that chicken act of yours, it's only right you get rewarded, so you got egged
  • Put a couple on your top, you getting Gauged, Killed Trillions times, a stunning show
  • The pew burst, thee going still, once the forehead splits, the rings going through a bumpy road
  • Yes, I'm 14, sure I lost to N N N from the start, still I ain't one to fuck with
  • I won't last long for sure but that just means it won't take long for you to get busted


  • One LINE of mine can RIP through you, and whoever you came with, like the opening scene of Ghost Ship
  • Im calling your soft ass OVOJolly, plus you rap worst than Ohghessy on Molly, this is hopeless.
  • Ive been on Rappad for years, i feel like a caged animal, there's no rules to this shit.
  • So why did you bring a Manuel? A step by step booklet about song titles and name flips.
  • Like Jail, its all the same shit, now how can yall
  • Put Silk Sonic up against The Chronic? I guess cuz hes soft and fast to get his ass smoked like grass.
  • Even though you might be Miles away, your still close to Kyle Rittenhouse, im a king and your Kate Middleton's spouse.
  • A simpleton in a blouse, a crash dummy getting doused, a POW in Laos getting tortured, fuck your flow, Trill got a waterboard.
  • Im in the game and you work, for the niggas, who work, for the waterboys. Get in this water boy
  • And die, then the God will drag you back out like Evolution. What's left was leveled and full of pollution.
  • Now take them tears and wipe the smile off your face and replace it with a skull.. Your like a CBD Dispensary
  • Trying to deliver me a "L" but i sent it back, i hate the smell.
  • Tell the truth nobody's buying that mid grade, bitch im player one and you just got hit in the head, like the first Squid Game

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