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Khay's Battle Tournament (round 1) 71 VS -Akuma

Max of 18 lines


71 won this battle!


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  • So you sold tickets to your downfall?
  • Cuz they know I'm a dogg that'll pound ya, like Kurupt and Daz
  • Akuma, I'll mow ya whole shit down, like an Armored Kurma
  • You still studyin' Japanese, when I already got the degree
  • EYE'm PHD in Chinese aviation
  • I fly as high as Himalayas, don't look so aimless, when an account loose to the greatest
  • Relevance to ya lame page decimate
  • Into the black whole of this write game, where your soul shall forEVEREST
  • And if I made a best guess, ya shits cornier than a Hallmark movie
  • Ya wall if vacant and more knocked out cold than you would a roofie
  • Face it, you're 13 beatin' changes
  • While I'm at the age of chasin'
  • Any obstruction I'm breakin', stabbin' the competition, like I'm Raven's Ray Lewis
  • Ya empty page is one big comedy, like the three Stooges
  • And now your ass is coughed out the brackets, like Mucus
  • Where the dub at, Maverick? K-Klipz? What's up -- Ballistick? Where ya at the Mach? Jug the judges


  • Better call the bizzy, there's a shooter on the loose
  • You see I been a bit busy, dealing these shots cause I got to prove
  • Why you aren't fit for these bars I'm sick with it you'll need vaccinations
  • I smoke my opps like cigars. You made it to Rd 1, congratulations
  • I'll rail you off track and these lines distract
  • Your "raps" are wack so let me write diss track
  • Seven one, he better run. when I'm done, sending shots at this petty bum
  • He'll wind up dead and blood is gonna splatter back towards everyone
  • In this bracket I'm the better one, After this, I'll be one and up
  • I make these shots pop off like a loaded gun, One wrong move and it's over bruv
  • You're anxious to face defeat, I'll hand you an L and make you weep
  • I'll be one and O and you'll be O and one
  • What a classic move from the average white dude to shoot up a school
  • You talk back you lose, This man must be a fool talking about fast food
  • Slet me serve you a Mac 10
  • Your shots are more off than Ben in mext Gen

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