Battles  DRnova vs Dre_Saunders-Apollo


No Diss Just a song cage match Must use a beat with recording or Ai technology Let’s have some fun Homie

Max of 62 lines


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  • ⭐️Artificial Me (Look At Me Now)
  • ⭐️All Lyrics by DRnova
  • ⭐️Ai mix of Slim Shady
  • 0:00 (Hook Repeat 4X)
  • Can’t You See Homie ..
  • It’s Just A Social Media Fantasy Of a Artificial Me..
  • 0:19(ĐƦ ᑎ✺ᐯᗩ)
  • Another statement to Stirrup
  • Why is the Like button is now a god to Worship
  • 1 Like or 1 Dislike at a Time like popularity is just numbers that Climb
  • To be number One you have to sacrifice a lot of Fun
  • Play digital Surgeon to make yourself into a new fake Version
  • We spend more time touching technology then any other Person
  • By over Using digital ways to make yourself Amusing
  • A lot of people accepting a Taste to Embrace in Scientology mixed with Psychology through believe in Technology
  • Lost in you’re own Session of Obsession holding your mind in Procession with a lot of self produced Stressing of Rejection that’s causing pain & Tension
  • The Devils playing the game called Deception as you fall into a deep destructive Depression in a lonely & cold type of demonic Dimension words I’m using as a form of Expression
  • Well it’s not G !
  • It’s just a social Media Fantasy of a Artificial Me
  • 1:10 (Hook)
  • Can’t You See Homie ..
  • It’s Just A Social Media Fantasy Of a Artificial Me..
  • Can’t You See Homie ..
  • It’s Just A Social Media Fantasy Of a Artificial Me..
  • 1:20 (ĐƦ ᑎ✺ᐯᗩ)
  • Too many Adolescents hooked on Antidepressants making them Dependents to Increase Investors Investments
  • See your body is the Product for evil Misconduct
  • Once you take more then 1 pill your Fucked
  • Cause 1 medication leads 5 more Medications without any real Demonstrations or Explanations of true medical Investigations that all these Medications mixed all together even like really helps or Works ?
  • As we put faith & trust into the academy of medical greedy Jerks !
  • I love to play with Fate and Destiny on a short Leash
  • Best believe I stay in the moment of ILL Chemistry
  • Like Jason Bryan & Me the D-O-C
  • I’m about to fix me up a Classic Emcee Surgery
  • I got that Rap Shit type of fucking Recipe when a hater try’s to flex on Me
  • I eliminate enemies like a chemical Dependency
  • 12 Steps to your final Ending as my mind continues Bending
  • Solid Steel bars like Telepathy
  • My words hit you hard like Fundamentally with mic skill Supremacy
  • So step aside when you see royalty walking Pass
  • Whether it’s me or Jason are wearing a bloody Mask
  • Show us some Respect as we Respect those that came before Us
  • Fucking grabbed the Mic to Bust
  • You would always Trust they would spit best Ruckus ever Written
  • Look them up if you think I Kidding
  • There barz were like Magic
  • The very definition of a hip hop Classic
  • 07/06/21 Copyright


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  • Icon in the room put u in your tomb
  • I dont need a doctor to show u this ur doom
  • I'm Next Apollo bitch, Glitch don't need a crew
  • If u was speaking on my name, then u aint comin thru
  • Think I need a g p s to put u in your place
  • Lookin for apollo, I go leave em wit no trace
  • Make u do the wobble, only hit u with the bass
  • Shit I make a beat, when i hit u in ur face
  • My Chance a million to one, I'm one in a million
  • Camm Raw speaking facts got me feeling resilient
  • Feeling like the next in N M to be breaking ya ceiling
  • Fuck it now, next to reach a billion
  • Fuck it man, fuck how ya feelin
  • When the cash came out, didn't know how to deal
  • When that exact came round, i took a spin like a wheel
  • And that wack ass clown still stuck in ordeals
  • I Ain't blowin fortunes out proportions
  • But these bitches think they real slick up in their jordans
  • Think they getting money, like they peepin in extortion
  • They getting chump change bums paying with them organs
  • Fuck what they say
  • I'm a motherfucking menace and I'm in it to stay
  • You be boasting bout ur bars cause u getting some plays
  • I be thinking like jordan from the way I make games
  • Cause You looking at an icon
  • Fresh as fuck bright like nylon
  • U looking at boss, motherfucker a Dylon
  • Think they holding me back, but i aint no i pod
  • Cause I'm not limited to what I'm on
  • I can't be fucked to do what yall want
  • Icons will do what their eyes on
  • I sought for a weakness, a blind spot
  • Yall soft and I can see what entails
  • He Leading the way from his fucking entrails
  • Body caught, body dropped, see he real frail
  • Really shy in public, but we see the emails
  • Sent his ass up now he aint coming down
  • All that gold round his nexk makes it brighter when he drowns
  • And yea its clear to see that we left him checked up
  • Time to tell this feeble ass to go and give his Check up

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