Battles  Prezzy_Gillespie vs GK-TRILL


Prezzy The Barbarian Vs GK-TRILL

Max of 22 lines


GK-TRILL won this battle!


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  • Gk back from the dead it feel like zombie land/
  • The steel gripper like Hilfigers in Tommy hand/
  • Gk boring like the dude that paint pictures for PBS/
  • He get pumped up I'll give him a shot like CVS/
  • When I Leave him in a box in the front yard like UPS/
  • Have my boys stepping to Brooklyn like E Ness
  • I been the stress that boy just a stress factor/
  • He ain't shooting shit up when he just a chest passer/
  • Quick to deflate like wintertime tire pressure/
  • The Dread locks like redd foxx moving like Esther/
  • And I keep an extra pair of hands like im Uncle Fester/
  • Look like he dropped out of school his last semester/
  • Pregnant by Atheist in his last trimester/
  • At this point the over kill got to be extra/
  • You ain't never been tough your whole style chump/
  • And one Wrong move your top coming off like Trump/
  • The big joker and the little joker two off jump/
  • You lift your arms up and the smell start to hump/
  • I pulled your girl panties down and i seen a powder chunk/
  • Then I put a tube in her mouth like G Funk/


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  • Not being humble will leave your bitch ass lonely
  • Its so sad to see that nobody feels like you homie.
  • You said you had bars then when are you gonna show me?
  • One lonely bullet to your head is what the news said
  • You tried to test and got your flesh passed around.
  • Your a joke, Ill put you deeper than the voice of Pop Smoke
  • Im throwing away the glock, trying to give this weak Opp some hope.
  • PUNCHLINES to your throat, i leave the scene like Roanoke
  • I take the water then, i drop coke, all you do is drop soap.
  • Nigga your Ego's inflated, while you thinking that your hated.
  • Like the 13th month, my nigga your style's outdated.
  • The biased claims lack bases, go and slap ya own face bitch.
  • Like a grandma, im smoking you like cigarettes by the cases.
  • You know i eviscerate, now watch your smoke dissipate.
  • Everytime you try to Diss, you always get ate.
  • And get sent back home with a empty fucking plate.
  • I wrote this shit today around a quarter to eight
  • The lion is always lying in wait make no mistake im great.

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