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Battle on October 11 2021


  • you all cap, all that shit you talk is smack, you fake and thats that,
  • now lets have a chit chat and shut your mouse trap,
  • I dont fuck wit a rat I beat em wit a bat till they spat,
  • think your rhymes good but you a copycat, btw they still trash,
  • random plane crash, do the math, somebody fucked with the gas,
  • the rap game must've had a glitch, we all know damn well they dont like that, garbage
  • that your talkin but its very common and soon youll be forgotten,
  • xanny still poppin got me rockin not dead yet so im not stoppin,
  • marijuana still an option fuck the caution,
  • staedy poppin and droppin but never coppin,
  • fuck the police, they my main enemies, better shoot cuz I wont freeze,
  • love drugs and movies, it keeps the peace but doses increase rapidly,
  • grew up with the wrong mentality, mom says its a tragedy but I laugh happily,


  • My beats are so dusty it's about time they fossilized
  • I'm mesmerized by my own stupidity. I'm paralyzed.
  • My pair of eyes even with glasses can't see Pennywise
  • Terrorizing all the people who think otherwise.
  • Symbolizing that I can't see. I apologize
  • For my rhyming skills. They're really bad and need to die.
  • I'm not lying when I say I'm going to meet my demise
  • Won Nobel Prizes but I burned them cuz I plagiarized.

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