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no rules have fun (this is more of a rock song not a rap) <3

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  • went through a lot in the past, I'm ok right now:) (START:) I put my heart on
  • display like a timebomb its ticking away I might blow up and smuther your
  • face suffocated by the walls surrounding my fate lay me six feet under
  • in my own graaave.. Barely being able to bare my own skin feels like its
  • eating meeee FROM within
  • should have known it was just a ploy showing me I was a
  • toy cause I'm a worthless disappointment and i don't
  • bring joy that is worth it now I'm walking razor wire to find the boy
  • that was lost in the fire but that was so long ago now I'm trapped by your
  • shadow
  • it's cutting deeper than any kind of knife send me straight
  • into the light and now I'm on the floor begging you to cut the cord
  • just take a gun to my head pull the trigger I'm dead turn the floor the cherry
  • red just wanna lay innnn my beeed.....don't wannnna take my meeeeds ...
  • always feeling numb don't know what I've become feelings turned to crumbs
  • bleeding from my is spinning round take a hit pass it down
  • thrown to the ground .. now its in my head I can't shut it out it's just a mental
  • drought wasted and worn-out feeling like i should take a new route take a
  • new route
  • should have known it was just a ploy showing me I was a
  • toy cause I'm a worthless disappointment and I don't
  • bring joy that is worth it
  • tears wash my pain going a little insane,
  • replaying thoughts in my brain just an object in a game
  • consciousness deranged ponder every day locked up in these chains
  • telling me will it change anyday, mapping out our fate watching love go to
  • hate wash away and evaporate your to late the path i have to take is
  • filled with sorrow and hate my palms are starting to shake they say
  • I gotta refrain from all the drugs in this place but I can't stomach the
  • pain watching my skin touch the blade


  • This for the brothers up north gettin' full on that Jack Mac
  • First Smack back, we got a nigga to backsmack
  • And you gon love it. It’s gon' be a lot of head rolls
  • Breath hold 'til the death toll
  • You know, you Detroit niggas came to get divided
  • But y’all gon' always come together at funerals
  • You’ve even now decided
  • But why is this done every time that the preacher signs in?
  • Well it’s a sign in
  • Look at all these portraits of my corpses
  • I’m just waitin' on you niggas sizes
  • I can have the pain in your pit paned into a tweet frame
  • Get Eminem to 8 mile by 10 it, or Royce to 5’9 it
  • Though hip hop don’t need any more
  • Of these niggas dyin' behind it
  • You keep tryin', but all you niggas is good for is deep fryin'
  • They told your daddy, in him a great gene was hidin'
  • Well he shoulda kept it in his jeans
  • Your life woulda had a better fight on a bed sheet dryin'
  • (Hold on, let me just say this, save it for the end. Let me work; please let me work)
  • Rather than tryin' to beat the mind as deep as a minin'
  • African diggin' passages halfway into China to reap a diamond
  • Let me be honest
  • When they break down every round that I’ve sketched, bouts
  • There’s nothin' tougher than smooth
  • As the rusty tools in a shed house
  • You niggas came here playin', it’s cool
  • But y’all gon' leave givin' head counts
  • They didn’t even book you niggas rooms
  • I told 'em Harlem Hospital givin' beds out

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